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This Week – Jane Hunt

Snowdrops March 2015

Spring has officially started in the UK (21 March). The clocks went forward an hour yesterday so we are now running on British Summertime in the UK. Coincidentally, there is snow forecast for the Easter weekend but I live in hope of sunshine and a little Spring warmth.

Snowdrops in Pleasley 2015

I thought I would share my work plans this week, not because they are they are exciting but because they offer an insight into an Indie author’s life. Most importantly for me, if I share them with you, I should stick to them. This is a motivational tool for me too.

My husband had a 7 am breakfast meeting this morning so I took advantage of the early start and have already done a couple of hours writing on Past Shadows, my work in progress. As my regular readers will know I have shared my initial chapters on Wattpad.

Past Shadows Cover 2I have also sent the first couple of chapters to my wonderful writing mentor and now armed with her insightful comments and suggestions. I am undertaking a rewrite and edit in an attempt to find an attention grabbing first chapter. Sadly this is a writing skill that still eludes me but maybe this will be the book I achieve it?

Wattpad ButtonDon’t get me wrong I am proud of the books I’ve written so far but they take a couple of chapters to reach the part where they hook the reader. I want to do that from page 1. 🙂

The Dangerous Gift   E book CoverI have shared about 10% of The Dangerous Gift on Wattpad. It’s had 995 reads, which is great but most of these seem to be on the first part, if I understand the ranking correctly. So does this mean people read the first part and stop? If so clearly it doesn’t entice them to read on, this makes the first chapter crucial.

Undaunted I have continued to sub this story to publishers I would like to work with, no takers yet but I’ve received useful feedback from a couple of them. My overriding impression gained from publishers, is that romantic suspense is difficult to sell??? What are your thoughts?

I will self publish The Dangerous Gift, in a couple of months if my current submissions are unsuccessful. Do you know of a good line editor and or proof reader?

Love HeartRight back to the writing…


Tomorrow I’ll focus on my book reviewer self and talk about the books I’m currently reviewing.

Have a lovely Monday 🙂