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4* Review: One Fine Day – Teresa F. Morgan


BLURBSteve Mason returns from Hollywood after 15 years to catch up with his sister, Ruby. He’s miserable because the woman he was planning on marrying has dumped him.

He’s now worried that with his A-list celebrity status he won’t find a woman who genuinely loves him. Ruby devises a plan to disguise Steve, so that he is unrecognisable as the famous Hollywood actor, in a hope to help him find true love. It worked for Clark Kent, right?

As Steve searches for his not-so-perfect woman and has a taste of normality, his relationship develops with his sister. But will he find the right woman before he has to head back to his real life in Hollywood?

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One Fine DayOne Fine Day is an easy read, featuring the contemporary themes of celebrity and the paparazzi. Its characters make a simple plot into an engaging story. There are no big surprises but the ending is wonderfully romantic.

Ruby is my favourite character, she idolises her famous big brother despite their estrangement. As they begin to rebuild their family ties, the reasons for Steve’s absence emerge. Steve’s reappearance helps Ruby come to terms with her grief over her mother’s death and realise there is more to life than work.

Work has defined Steve’s life since he left his family to pursue his dream. Successful, he finds out his life is an open book. After a very public break up, he runs to his sister to regroup and find his elusive soul mate. Steve’s quest to find his true love involves disguise, deceit and lots of humour.

This story has well written multi points of view, which add depth and perspective. I would love to know more about Ruby and see if she has found her special someone too, maybe a sequel?

I received a copy of this book from Harper Impulse via NetGalley in return for an honest review.

One Fine Day by Teresa F. Morgan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

One Fine Day by Teresa F. Morgan

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