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Is #Wattpad the way to get noticed?

Wattpad ButtonI have been a member of Wattpad for about five months now but not really active. I have read a couple of stories written by my writing friends but I haven’t posted any of my stories.

Drop in the OceanEvery Indie author faces the same problems when promoting their books and themselves as an author. You are a minute ripple in a huge ocean. Even authors savvy with social media, struggle.

#Wattpad and it’s possibilities has crept up on me in a number of ways:

The Dangerous Gift BlurbSo today I decided to complete my Wattpad profile and I am seriously considering  uploading a few chapters of The Dangerous Gift, rewritten in a serial format, short chapters with a cliffhanger ending to make people want to know what happens next.

DSCN1091Promoting published books is also possible on #Wattpad and I am interested in sharing a few pages of The Dragon Legacy and The Revenge Masquerade in this way if my publisher  Crimson Frost Books agrees.

THE REVENGE MASQ-LARGEI’m a notorious ‘sit on the fence’ person, always balancing the pros  and cons so I could do with some input from my fellow bloggers and followers on how they feel about #Wattpad.

My concerns are:

  • Will posting part of a book I am subbing to publishers damage my chances of getting it published?
  •   Will it be vulnerable to piracy?
  • I suppose my third fear is that either no-one will read it. Or if they do they won’t like it , but that is a risk a writer takes every time they publish and I’m prepared to take that risk.

So what do you think? Should I share my story with the #Wattpad community, which is reputed to be 35 million?