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Valentine’s Eve Treat – An Interview with Lady Fury

 An early Valentine’s  treat for  you all.Love HeartAfter last week’s author interview with the fabulous Shehanne Moore, if you missed it you can read here, I have the redoubtable Lady Fury on my blog today. She allows us a rare glimpse into her complex life. Thankfully she isn’t aware Shehanne was here first , so don’t tell her will you?

18469995It’s lovely to welcome you to my blog  Milady Fury.

Now forgive me for saying but anyone who has read your story; ‘The Unraveling of Lady Fury’ knows you are a little obsessive about rules. Do you have any other obsessions/secrets you’re prepared to share?

Moi? Obsessive? Oh not at all.
You have read my story; you know how awful Flint can be and that rules with him are a must. As for other obsessions? I have none. Have I shown you this picture of Flint?

 I can see  the attraction.

Are you really the driven, often heartless woman you seem to be? If so what made you that way?

Not at all. Indeed, did you not say yourself, I was a delight???? I do admit that being dumped on a quay, in a strange city, without a penny to my name and a baby on the way, AND narrowly missing that trunk Flint flung at me, I may have become a little driven in terms of securing my future. Wouldn’t you?

When you put it like that I think I might be, which leads on to my next question. Would you consider Flint your weakness and if so why?

Oh…very well, Milady, you do drive a hard bargain. I think it is fair to say that Flint and I go back a long way. He was my first lover and there were times when we were very good together. I admit that I was younger then and a very different person from what I am now. So there were aspects of the not so good moments, I probably should have done differently and yes, these things can haunt. Like trying to bring that parakeet aboard the Calypso for example, which got me heaved off it. He is Storm’s father. I think women find it hard to walk away from that. I suppose he got under my skin and no-one else compared and not just because he’s good in bed. Flint’s not good at being humble and a cat probably had a better upbringing, so even when he’s bad, I can’t help but forgive him.

If you lived in the twenty- first century what type of woman would you be?

I’d like to be better educated. The opportunities for women that way are just so much better, although I suppose that being brought up in a brothel, had its uses. I’d hope to be less driven. And of course, I’d be just as nice and amenable as I truly am.

Mmm , how insightful you are Milady.Who’s your favourite character in Shehanne’s other stories?

18284672You mean apart from myself? Well, I do admit that her Black Wolf of Lochalpin, Callm McDunnagh the hero of His Judas Bride, is rather tasty. Yes. He is very ruthless and thinks nothing of taking the odd throat out, then there’s his appalling sarcasm every time he opens his mouth. But the lovely Milady Aimee Duffy said he ‘is as terrifying as he is intriguing,’ while the equally lovely Milady Erin Moore summed him up by saying “Callm is a tortured and twisted alpha male, yet underneath is a big marshmallow.’ And I think that’s it with Callm. He is prepared to lay down his life for Kara and I do not think it gets more romantic than that.
Kara is also a very damaged woman—let’s be clear, Shehanne wrote this—but he get totally gets that and knows he is going to have his work cut out with this woman.
So I do admit to something of a soft spot for Milord Wolf. Indeed I wish Shehanne had written him for me…..

Just one lookHow interesting…I promise not to tell Flint. Now for all the romantics amongst us. Do believe in love at first sight?

Well, it is that romantic time of year isn’t it? So I suppose I should say that when I looked at Milord Wolf…sorry, I may not believe but it is very clear to me that Flint does. I mean in his own way, when he first saw me on board the Calypso, wearing his dead lover’s dress, it was perfectly plain, it was love. He just found it hard to admit, as we all do, that such a heart stopping thing can happen. You can find your partner in a glance.

Lady Fury's Book Club You’ve travelled all over the world with your ‘book club’. Where in the world would you most like to live?

Hmm… Really Milady, so long as it’s with Flint, and isn’t any of the places we are wanted, anywhere is good.

Apart from Flint? Do you have a favourite crew member?

Apart from you good self, Skipper Jane, I am very fond of Myrtle, probably because if there is one thing Flint loathes it is parrots.Myrtle the Parrot

SO she has her uses, although we do have to hide her from him quite a bit and pretend we are doing all the squawking.

Two HeartsDo you believe in ‘Happy Ever After’? 

I believe in ever after. Yes indeed. Any ‘ever after’ requires working at in order to keep it happy. If you waltz off into the clouds with unrealistic expectations, it’s a long drop down.

Thank you  for visiting me here today Milady its been an unforgettable experience. Before you go, have you one of your wonderful recipes to share with us today?

My favourite Valentine’s dish apart from Flint? Oh, indeed, I have a special Valentine’s Day…. Sugared Nuts.

img045Do serve with my cocktail.

zkDSCN9181Mmm both of those sound delicious. I will be making a red velvet creation, a cake of course, which I will share with you tomorrow Valentine’s Day .

If you would like to read Lady Fury’s story or meet Callm McDunnagh,Wolf of Lochalpin, here you go:

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