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3* Review: The Haunted Academy – Derek Muk

indexParanormal BlurbProfessor Albert Taylor and his assistant, Jan, are paranormal investigators. They are hired to investigate spooky, mysterious goings-on at an exclusive all-girls school after a young student is murdered. What they assume will be a routine ghost haunting turns out to be something much more.

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 Haunted AcademyThere are lots of interesting themes in this short story; paranormal occurrences, the academic ghost hunting team and the mysteries hidden beneath the exterior of an elite school. The appealing characters need further development, to show what motivates their actions and beliefs.

I like the beginning, which sets the scene for the investigation that follows. It highlights teenage bullying and having nowhere to turn. An informal writing style and simple plot makes it easy to read. It’s the type of story teenagers tell each other at sleepovers or round campfires.

What I read, I liked but I wanted more depth and dialogue. This storyline needs more words; more from Erica’s point of view. She is a major player but we only see things from her point of view at the beginning. The ending is suitably horrific.

The Haunted Academy is a quick, easy read and I would like to see more investigations from this academic duo.

Haunted Academy by Derek Muk

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Haunted Academy by Derek Muk

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