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Random Thoughts


More snow fell on Pleasley last night and whilst it isn’t as deep as the Boxing Day snowfall  in the picture, our roads are pretty hazardous.  The reason I mention this? Megan and I are off to watch #Strictly Come Dancing tonight at the Nottingham arena.

I’m the world’s worst passenger and the prospect of taking a journey on snowy roads horrifies me. Of course I’m not going to let that stop me watching some of my favourite dancing stars but I’m apprehensive… So I’ve got no writing done today, constantly drying dogs that love playing in the snowy garden  and cooking comfort food for my family before they venture out into the cold.


Distracted, I wondered how long I actually get to write in an average day. In theory as writing is my job now, I should get seven or eight hours a day but in practice I know this  isn’t the case. So over the next few weeks I’m keeping a note (actually its  a spreadsheet), of what  I do in a day, how long it takes me and most importantly how long I have each day to write .

Now I’m off to get ready, hopefully I’ll be back tomorrow with my review of Derek Muk’s Haunted Academy, which I featured last week and has been a popular post on my blog over the last few days. index