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5* Review – The Russian’s Ultimatum – Michelle Smart

23484312Blurb -2He’ll make her an offer… Pascha Virshilas is on the brink of securing personal redemption when Emily Richardson breaks into his office and steals private company documents. And then she has the gall to blackmail him into clearing her father’s name! She can’t refuse! But Pascha has his own terms. He’ll keep his side of the bargain, but the enticing Emily must accompany him to his private island – the only place he can ensure her silence. But in the midst of a tropical storm the wind blows aside suspicions and secrets to reveal something much more dangerous: lust! 

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My Review

The Russian's Ultimatum (Mills & Boon Modern)The Russian’s Ultimatum is a dark, sexy but definitely romantic story that doesn’t disappoint. Dangerous, vibrant Pascha has dark secrets and a soft heart. Emily is a successful designer but despite her talents she seems determined to be all things to all men; the perfect daughter/sister / employee. This is a story of family, secrets and wild passion, which unfolds in an idyllic tropical setting.
Emily’s love of her father forces her to go against her principles and break into Pascha’s office. She needs vital documents from his laptop to clear her father’s name. Pascha catches her. Fortunately Emily discovers something that gives her leverage. Pascha is furious with Emily but not just because she has tried to steal from him. His physical reaction to her is both unexpected and unwelcome and he is determined to make her pay.
Pascha’s ultimatum means Emily must spend the week on his tropical island to prevent disclosure of his latest business venture. The perfect solution until Mother Nature forces Emily and Pascha to remain in far closer proximity than either wants. Passion and secrets flow between them but what happens when the storm is over?

I read the book in a day to find out. The Russian’s Ultimatum is a perfect winter escape.

The Russian’s Ultimatum by Michelle Smart

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Russian's Ultimatum (Mills & Boon Modern) by Michelle Smart

Michelle Smart

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