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3* Review : Beautiful Revenge – JL Morris



Heaven is a place on Earth…

Well, kind of. Kaarl is a Demon who changed his ways, left Hell behind him and now works on Earth to save the souls Lucifer had sent him to claim. In Los Angeles he has wealth and power and in Heaven he has the chance for a new start. Being a Demon freshman in a university built exclusively for Angels has its challenges but other than that things are looking promising…

With Kaarl lost to the other side, Lucifer has found another way to prey on Humanity. He sends his daughter, Persephone, along with the terrifying Four Horsemen of Apocalypse to tear the Mortal world apart and bring it to the brink of starvation. While the Horsemen are forcing the Mortals to sin to survive, reaping countless souls in the process, Persephone is forcing her way in to Kaarl’s heart with her sights set firmly on revenge.

Faced with Lucifer’s wrath, Persephone’s schemes and the seemingly unstoppable Horsemen, Kaarl is running out of options and the Mortal realm is running out of time. The past he has been so desperate to bury may hold his only chance at the saving the realm he now calls home…

My Review 2Beautiful Revenge
The description of this novel attracted me; even though it was the second book in the series and I hadn’t read book one. Interesting, well written characters with great pacing and vivid imagery but it didn’t hold my interest like I expected. There was something missing for me, maybe because I’ve read lots of apocalyptic fiction. Kaarl, Gabriel and the Twins were believable characters but they were too predictable, I like quirky, mercurial characters in this type of story.
If you like urban fantasy it’s worth a read but I would definitely suggest you read the first book in the series ‘Selfish Beings’ before you read this.
I received a copy of this book from Carina UK via NetGalley in return for an honest review.

Beautiful Revenge by J.L. Morris

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Beautiful Revenge by J.L. Morris

J.L. Morris

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