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5* Review: Dating in the Dark – Tracey Rogers- (#1 Sweet Delights Series)


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Can you find what you need hidden within the dark?
Hiding out in his sister’s bakery to recover from a recent injury isn’t an ideal solution for newly unemployed meteorologist Damian Trent. Especially since he doesn’t like cake. But hiding anywhere is preferable to facing the media frenzy revolving around his life. He has no intention of being seen by anyone. That is, until he hears a honey-toned voice over the phone.
Public relations agent Sophie Rose has a boss who makes her working week a hellish one. He drives her to her need for sugar, so the recently opened Sweet Delights Bakery is perfect for her much needed Friday treat. But one day when she calls to place an order, she gets an unexpected surprise.
Sophie’s keen to dump her V-plates, though only the right man will do. Damian, with his sexy, yet familiar sounding voice, seems the ideal person for her to gain some much needed experience with. But why do they need to date in the dark?

Content Warning: contains sensual sex
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 My Review

Dating in the Dark (Sweet Delights Series Book 1)‘Dating in the Dark’ is an intriguing title. The story behind it is full of angst, humour and sexy romance.

Damian is a dynamic hero, with strong reasons for wanting to remain in the shadows. Dating is the last thing on his mind but a serendipitous phone call introduces him to Sophie who woos him with her voice. With plenty of stirring from his lovely sister Vanessa he seems willing to rejoin the dating scene but only on his terms. Damian wants to have his cake and eat it and ‘Dating in the Dark’ is his solution to dating Sophie whilst remaining incognito. Sophie has her own issues but radiates positivity and tenacity. What holds her back are her naivety and tolerance of unacceptable behaviour from her boss.

Vanessa’s sweet delights definitely have cupid qualities. There are some unusual dating scenarios in this story and lots of sweet loving. Cleverly woven into this romantic tale are the current obsession with celebrity and the intrusive behaviour of the tabloid press.

This first tale in the ‘Sweet Delights series’ has all the ingredients for sweet yet spicy romance. I look forward to next batch of sweet delights.

Dating in the Dark by Tracey Rogers
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Dating in the Dark (Sweet Delights Series Book 1) by Tracey Rogers

Tracey Rogers

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