Festive Musings








The last couple of weeks have not been the best for me. November 17th, meant it was 20 years since my dad died  and I still miss him. So in an attempt to restore my usual glass half full personality   I persuaded my husband to get the  Christmas decorations down on Sunday even though it was still November and started decorating our home for Christmas.DSCN9228

Megan and I had a lovely day on Monday 1 December decorating the tree which looks bright and festive. Christmas films, chocolate and my daughter’s company and I started to feel happier.


I decided to give myself another day off and decorated the kitchen too. Clearly I’m not a minimalist decorator  but the bright colour and lights lifts my spirits.

DSCN9262   DSCN9287

Have you decorated your house yet and do you find it therapeutic like me or dread the thought of all the clutter?




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