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What This Writer Does When She Should Be Writing.

 So we all know writers are often solitary creatures who spend long periods of time with their laptops typing furiously, if their muse is with them, or looking into space, if it isn’t. I’d hoped to do lots of writing this week but after spending the entire day, Sunday and mine started at 5 am, on my edits for The Revenge Masquerade , I seem to have burnt myself out  which makes my NaNo task an uphill battle.  So I thought I would share what I have been doing this week in the hope my writer friends will empathise and tell me next week will be better. 🙂


So when I’m not writing, I drink coffee out of pretty mugs and pretend I’m getting in the mood for  writing my historical novel.


DSCN9162DSCN9163DSCN9167 Or I relax in lovely bath, with one of my birthday bath bombs from Lush – this one’s called Sex Bomb. 🙂


DSCN9170 DSCN9171 DSCN9172 DSCN9173

One of my favourite ways to relax and think is walking my dogs, especially on a crisp autumn morning.

DSCN9151 DSCN9152 DSCN9193 DSCN9192

Then Jazz and Oby chill.


DSCN9180 DSCN9181 DSCN9186

And I bake…Red Velvet and Lemon Meringue cup cakes.


DSCN9194 (2)

Or if I really feel like a challenge… I decide to unpack my new fridge-freezer, which stands over 6ft and is 7 inches taller than me.   Thankfully I lived to bore you with tell the tale but it was  a near thing.  🙂 Worth it though it’s so pretty.

Past Shadows Cover


 It’s definitely safer if I write and that’s what I’ll be doing tomorrow. 🙂



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