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Author Interview: Tima Maria Lacoba

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I’m excited to have  Gothic romance writer Tima Maria Lacoba with me on my blog today. Tima is the author of ‘ The Dantonville Legacy’ books.

Bloodpledge is her latest release from the series.

Bloodpledge final cover


Bloodpledge continues Alec and Laura’s story from Bloodgifted. Having undergone the Ritual and induction into the vampire community, Laura— the prophesised Child of Light and Darkness and last of the Ingenii—takes her place as Alec’s consort and First Lady of the Brethren. But resentment and anger grow at Alec’s privileged position as daywalker.
Among a powerful few, alliances are made and conspiracies formed, threatening a war that could destroy them all and endanger every human on Earth—creatures who would do anything to prevent the curse from ending. Now Alec and Laura must invoke the Pledge, an ancient ceremony that enforces Brethren loyalty to the Principate.
When Laura’s ex-boyfriend, Detective Inspector Matt Sommers, turns up with a threat that could expose Alec, the battle for their world and their lives begins.

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Author Interview

 Lovely to have you on my blog today Tima.

 Great to be here Jane.

What inspired you to write the Dantonville Legacy stories?

It came to me almost in a flash! I was doing research for my MPhil in Romano-British archaeology on the military forts along Hadrian’s Wall when I came across something unusual. One of those Roman forts—Vindobala—had been unexplainably abandoned in the mid 2nd century. So, of course, being the imaginative girl that I am, I came up with my own explanation!

I’ve read lots of paranormal romance but ‘Bloodgifted’, the first in the Dantonville Legacy series is different. How difficult was it to create an original series in such a popular genre?

Honestly, I didn’t even think about it. It simply came to me as I stared at the ruins of Vindobala (Rudchester). And just earlier that day, someone had said to me that I looked young for my age, let alone for an archaeologist! Jokingly I replied, “Vampire blood!” Bloodgifted was born that day.

Do you have a ‘tried and tested’ writing process? Can you share it with us?

Yes, it’s called, If-my-writers-group-hate-it-try-again! Lol! I do lots of drafts and edit as I write, and share my latest scribblings each week with my group. They’re brilliant. Whatever I miss grammatically, plot wise, character development … they pick up and correct.

You’ve released three books now including Laura’s Locket, a Dantonville Chronicle. Can you tell us about your latest release ‘Bloodpledge’? What’s next?

Book #2, Bloodpledge, naturally continues Alec and Laura’s story, but unlike the slightly tongue-in-cheek, Bloodgifted, this book contains darker elements as my heroine Laura grapples with her inheritance, and learns that Alec won’t always be able to come to her rescue. She has to do some kick-butting herself. And I’ve introduced a new, and complex villain. He was fun to write!

Why is writing important in your life?

Unless I want my head to explode, those stories have to come out some way! To me, writing is as necessary as breathing. I’m sure you know the feeling.

How important do you think social media is to a book’s success?

These days, social media is everything. How else does a writer get word of their book out into the world? Unfortunately, it can also suck so much of your writing time. I restrict myself to four social media sites—Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google Plus. I have an author page where I post anything and everything about The Dantonville Legacy Series—promotions, giveaways, how my book’s ranking on Amazon (or not, depending on the day!), and general Dantonville gossip.
My Facebook personal page is only close friends and family, so I rarely accept Friend Requests from people I don’t personally know. That’s my social page, where I chat away, post pics and share interesting posts.
Twitter is my promotional tool. That’s where I post my book promos, because that’s where 90% of my sales come from. Saying that, I do interact with my followers, reply to comments and retweet a lot.

Do you enjoy social media or would you rather be writing than networking?

As much as I enjoy social media (I’m forever chatting away and catching up with friends on facebook), it takes away from writing time. I try to keep a balance. But if it came to choice, of course I’d rather be writing.

Are you an avid reader? If so what sort of books do you like to read?

Oh my yes! I love reading and often lament the fact I don’t have the time to indulge that passion. My reading taste is quite eclectic. In fact anything which interests me at the time – historical novels, contemporary romance, gothic (of course!), paranormal, urban fantasy … the list goes on.

Do you want to concentrate on writing ‘gothic romance’ or would you like to write in another genre? If so what?

Although I prefer contemporary gothic romance, my series will expand to include historical as well. Since the story actually begins in mid 2nd century Roman-Britain, one of the books will be set entirely in that period. Can’t wait! *rubbing my hands in glee*

What made you decide to self-publish?

I believe it was the control factor. There are few publishers who offer a publishing contract without asking for changes, and these are not always for the best. I have writer-friends who’ve been asked to change entire plots, the sex of their characters, and accept covers which have nothing to do with the story within.

What do you see as the advantages of self- publishing?

With self-publishing I have control over my creation, and although I have to pay for my own editor and cover designer, I know exactly where my money is going. Likewise, the royalties I earn are all mine. That way I can see how much I’ve invested in my work, and how much I’m gaining back in return. I can check my daily sales on Amazon and Smashwords and know exactly how much I’ve earned that day. That’s a good thing.

Are there any disadvantages?

As with everything, there are pros and cons. Self-publishing takes a lot of work—you are your own publisher, promoter and marketer. It’s a business and you have to approach it as such. For me, it’s been a steep learning curve, but worth it. It’s rewarding to know that the book you wrote and produced is liked by readers, and they’re asking for more. And what’s even better, is that I can do it all myself. For a control freak like me, that’s priceless!

Thanks for chatting with me today Tima.  Lots of success with the Dantonville Legacy. I eagerly await the next in the series.

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If you haven’t read any of Tima’s books yet here’s a little about the first in the series Bloodgifted.

Bloodgifted final cover

Being unable to age is only the beginning.

Laura Dantonville is shocked to learn her strange genetic mutation, is linked to a dark family secret—a centuries-old curse that turned her Roman ancestor into a vampire. Now that she has come of age, she is the key to breaking that curse. But she’s also the prey of rogue vampires who inhabit the city’s frightening and violent underworld, as her blood gives them the ability to daywalk. For her protection she’s assigned a guardian—the handsome, sexy and dangerous Alec Munro.
And he wants nothing to do with her. If not for her family, Alec Munro would never have been transformed into a vampire. He owes them nothing, yet he also knows his own fated role in breaking the curse, and the unthinkable consequences should he not accept.
To the Brethren, the ending of the curse spells disaster. Among a powerful few malice grows . . .

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 Here’s the link to my 5* review of Bloodgifted

Here’s the link to my 5* review of Bloodpledge





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