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My New and Nearly New Projects – Past Shadows


Pleasley Vale Inspiration for Past Shadows

2013-04-21 14.48.09

Pleasley Vale - Inspiration for Past Shadows Past Shadows is a Gothic, historical romance inspired by Pleasley Vale,mills in Derbyshire. The  area is steeped in history. Past Shadows, which I started last year in NaNo is the first  of three books inspired by the area. The old mills are currently used as commercial/industrial units and form part of a lovely walk, which is how I first discovered them.2013-05-26 13.16.12

 The second book as yet untitled has Pleasley Pit as its inspiration.

Pleasley Pit

 The third book is inspired by Hardwick Hall and Estate.


 I am really excited to be exploring one of my favourite romance genres.