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5* Review: Final Score – Michelle Betham (Striker Series #3)

My Review -1‘Final Score’ the last in the Striker series kept me on the edge of my seat right to the final page. The nail biting ending was definitely ‘happy for now’ rather than ‘happy ever after’. It reinforced the realism, characteristic of all the Striker series books. This story explored Amber’s dependence on her first love, ex husband Jim. The numerous sex scenes underlined Amber’s addiction to Jim. Whatever he did outside of their sexual relationship, she forgave him because of the physical completeness he gave her.
Amber’s personal life was reminiscent of a teenager and the consequences for all those who cared about her were dire. Amber’s first encounter with Jim at sixteen, conditioned her. She reacted in the same predictable way, unable to move past this point, which I found frustrating but credible.
Jim’s controlling nature, coupled with his Amber obsession made him a difficult character to like; almost an anti hero who Amber should break free of. As a character he engendered strong emotions, which enhanced the reading experience.
Ryan, the ‘player’ of the first two books matured in a meaningful way. I wanted him to succeed with Amber because he was a great dad to their baby.
An angst ridden, sexy conclusion to this sporting saga that kept me hoping right to the end.

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