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The Dangerous Gift: Snippet

the dangerous giftThe Dangerous Gift Blurb

SnippetA few lines from Chapter 2 of ‘The Dangerous Gift’.

‘Jared took Harry’s place. “I saw the card. Did you even read it before you ran off? Why didn’t you show it to me?”
Jennie’s face heated. Her stomach churned. She didn’t deserve Jared’s anger. “You seemed busy. Who was at the office door?”
Jared leant back in his chair. He wouldn’t look at her, “a friend.”
Jennie suppressed unshed tears. “I didn’t recognize her.”
“Her name’s Darleen she owns the neighbouring ranch.” Jared’s bored tone implied the information was of no importance.
“You must know each other pretty well.” Jennie wouldn’t be put off. She saw them kissing and wanted to know why.
“Darleen worries about me. She didn’t realize I’d gone to find you.” Jared still didn’t look at Jennie.
“Do you think?” Jennie jumped up and leaned back against the porch rail with a sigh.
“Neighbours Jen…” Jared’s intransigence fueled Jennie’s anger.
“More like friends with benefits.” Now she sounded jealous, very mature Jennie.’

©Jane Hunt September 2014

You can read all of chapter 1 in the #SYTYCW14 first chapter submissions:

The Dangerous Gift


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