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4* Review: Unravel Me – Lynn Montagano

22587134Lia’s meant to be on cloud nine: ever since she and Alastair finally confessed their love for one another, their relationship has never been so good.

Her British-born Adonis is all intent on sweeping her off her feet, showering her with gifts and affection more than worthy of the girlfriend of an international, millionaire businessman!

But their past seems to be intent on dragging the both of them down, and the hushed gossip of a dark secret begins to cause havoc to Lia’s life…

With an ocean separating her from her love, Lia can’t help but wonder if she can ever feel secure with a man who still plays everything so close to his chest, including her.

My ReviewUnravel Me (The Breathless Series, #2)‘Unravel Me’ plays out the next chapter of Lia’s complicated relationship with media mogul Alastair. The setting for this second book is detailed and interesting. I liked the TV news references and secondary characters. It is full of insider knowledge that gives the story its realistic, contemporary edge.

Alastair’s and Lia’s long distance love affair leads to misunderstanding, vulnerability and heartache for both of them. It also allows a sinister antagonist to threaten Lia and make her doubt Alastair’s motives.

What keeps me reading this series is the obvious love between Alastair and Lia. This strong bond makes it possible for Lia to forgive and ignore Alastair’s often unreasonable dominant behaviour, even though her ex had similar traits.

This story manages to convey the themes of dominance and subservience in a sexual relationship without graphic detail, which makes it an easier read for mainstream romance lovers.

‘Unravel Me’ is an enticing mix of angst and humour delivered by believable characters. Cleverly interwoven mystery and suspense enhance the story’s romance and passion. I look forward to the next chapter of Alastair’s and Lia’s volatile love story.

I received a copy of this book from Harper Impulse via NetGalley.

Unravel Me by Lynn Montagano

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Unravel Me (The Breathless Series, #2) by Lynn Montagano

Lynn Montagano

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