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5* Review: Final Score – Michelle Betham (Striker Series #3)

My Review -1‘Final Score’ the last in the Striker series kept me on the edge of my seat right to the final page. The nail biting ending was definitely ‘happy for now’ rather than ‘happy ever after’. It reinforced the realism, characteristic of all the Striker series books. This story explored Amber’s dependence on her first love, ex husband Jim. The numerous sex scenes underlined Amber’s addiction to Jim. Whatever he did outside of their sexual relationship, she forgave him because of the physical completeness he gave her.
Amber’s personal life was reminiscent of a teenager and the consequences for all those who cared about her were dire. Amber’s first encounter with Jim at sixteen, conditioned her. She reacted in the same predictable way, unable to move past this point, which I found frustrating but credible.
Jim’s controlling nature, coupled with his Amber obsession made him a difficult character to like; almost an anti hero who Amber should break free of. As a character he engendered strong emotions, which enhanced the reading experience.
Ryan, the ‘player’ of the first two books matured in a meaningful way. I wanted him to succeed with Amber because he was a great dad to their baby.
An angst ridden, sexy conclusion to this sporting saga that kept me hoping right to the end.

Here’s the links for my 5* Reviews of the first two books in the Striker Series from Harper Impulse


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The Dangerous Gift: Snippet

the dangerous giftThe Dangerous Gift Blurb

SnippetA few lines from Chapter 2 of ‘The Dangerous Gift’.

‘Jared took Harry’s place. “I saw the card. Did you even read it before you ran off? Why didn’t you show it to me?”
Jennie’s face heated. Her stomach churned. She didn’t deserve Jared’s anger. “You seemed busy. Who was at the office door?”
Jared leant back in his chair. He wouldn’t look at her, “a friend.”
Jennie suppressed unshed tears. “I didn’t recognize her.”
“Her name’s Darleen she owns the neighbouring ranch.” Jared’s bored tone implied the information was of no importance.
“You must know each other pretty well.” Jennie wouldn’t be put off. She saw them kissing and wanted to know why.
“Darleen worries about me. She didn’t realize I’d gone to find you.” Jared still didn’t look at Jennie.
“Do you think?” Jennie jumped up and leaned back against the porch rail with a sigh.
“Neighbours Jen…” Jared’s intransigence fueled Jennie’s anger.
“More like friends with benefits.” Now she sounded jealous, very mature Jennie.’

©Jane Hunt September 2014

You can read all of chapter 1 in the #SYTYCW14 first chapter submissions:

The Dangerous Gift

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5* Review: The Emerald Comb – Kathleen McGurl

23259850Some secrets are best left buried…
Researching her family tree had been little more than a hobby – until Katie stepped onto Kingsley House’s sprawling, ivy-strewn drive. The house may be crumbling today, but it was once the intimidatingly opulent residence of the St Clair’s, Katie’s ancestors. Arriving here two hundred years later, emotion stirs in Katie: a strange nostalgia for a place she’s never seen before… and when Kingsley House comes up for sale, Katie is determined that her family must buy it.

Surrounded by the mysteries of the past, Katie’s pastime becomes a darker obsession, as she searches through history to trace her heritage. But she soon discovers that these walls house terrible secrets. And when forgotten stories and hidden betrayals come to light, the past seems more alive than Katie could ever have imagined.

Moving between the 21st and 19th centuries, The Emerald Comb is a hauntingly evocative novel.

My Review

The Emerald CombThe Emerald Comb’ is two stories; one historical, the other contemporary, cleverly interwoven with conflict, mystery and passion. The action slips seamlessly from Bartholomew St Clair’s 19th century confessions to the 21st century consequences experienced by Katie our heroine. It is an absorbing read.
Katie delves into her ancestry bitten by the contemporary obsession with genealogy. What she finds leads to a house move and more mystery than answers. A possible ghost and a macabre discovery in the garden of their newly moved into house force Katie to question the wisdom of delving into her past. She can’t stop. Genealogy gives Katie an identity and focus, something she is in danger of losing amidst her demanding children and unhelpful husband. Seen only from Katie’s point of view Simon often seems rather a difficult man to like, who treats her hobby with disdain.
The story highlights parallels between the past and Katie’s present life. The secrets both historical and contemporary are resolved in a credible way. The ending is a great bit of dramatic irony. A little inconclusive from Katie’s perspective but complete for the reader who knows what really happened. A classy, readable story.
I received a copy of this book from Carina UK via NetGalley in return for an honest review.

The Emerald Comb by Kathleen McGurl

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Emerald Comb by Kathleen McGurl

Kathleen McGurl

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Without Hesitation – C J Azevedo – Blog Tour – Review and Spotlight

Without Hesitation BannerBlurb -2At eleven years old, Macie James was certain she saw her prince standing in her kitchen with his rosy cheeks and cute smile. She was going to marry that boy, she had no doubt about it. As she became a teenager, it was that boy who taught her how to become a confident and sure woman. As the years went by and they grew up, he taught her how to love and to be loved.
Greyden Michaels was surprised when he fell for his best friend’s little sister. He wasn’t opposed to it and, even more surprising, neither was his best friend. When he was in college and her just in high school, he realized they were too young to be committed, he opted for friendship with her and together they decided their love was for the future.
When you hesitate, life happens. When life happens, your plans change. Macie wanted her fairy tale and Greyden was prepared to give it to her when unfortunate events changed his whole life, including his future with the UFC and, most devastatingly, with her. Macie made the decision to live her life, to move on without Greyden, especially once she met the man who wanted to marry her and give her the life he couldn’t.
The problem with that was that Greyden had always seen her as his. Could he give her up completely for her supposed happiness or could he somehow manage to get his life in order to try and win her back, heart and soul?

Without Hesitation EcoverWithout Hesitation Goodreads

Buy Links -2Amazon

Amazon UK

Barnes and Noble

Without Boundaries, and Without Doubt the first two books in the Without series

will be on sale for only $.99 each the week of the tour.

Without Boundaries #1

Without Doubt #2

My Review

‘Without Hesitation’ is another emotional roller coaster ride in the fabulous ‘Without’ series. It pulls you in from the first page and won’t let you get off until you’ve sampled each devastating low and passionate high.
This is a cleverly written book. We experience Macie’s and Greyden’s present day lives from their points of view but learn about their eleven year love story from a third person point of view. Macie’s and Grey’s present day love story stands alone full of angst and desire. The story of their past lives and loves enriches and intensifies the emotional depth of the story.
Macie is a complex character. What seems like weakness when she waits for Greysen, until he thinks he can give her what she wants is in fact the behaviour of a girl and then a woman in love. She is very young when she believes herself in love with Greysen and he knows and accepts this. His weakness is in not realising when she becomes a woman, able to make her own decisions and mistakes. The journey they take together and apart allows them to grow and appreciate the change in the other before they can find their happy ever after.
I loved the complexity of this story. Particularly the effortless way the past informs the present emotional characters of Maisie and Grey, a lovely poignant read.
I received a copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review.

Read my 5* review of Without Doubt #2 in the Without series.

Excerpt - 1wohtourteaser“I don’t know what happened!” she wails. “I don’t know where it all went wrong and I don’t know where to begin to fix this, Grey.”
Cradling her to my body, I carry her to bed, laying her down beside me while she continues to cry. I brush her hair back from her face and kiss her forehead.
“I literally feel broken inside, like I’m not working right anymore.” She sniffles, hiding her face.
“You’re not broken, Butterfly, maybe just misfiring a little. We’ll get you back in working order, I promise.”
“That’s the problem, though, I don’t know how or where to start. I used to have it all figured out, ya know?” She takes a shuddering breath. “We were so young, but we knew what we wanted. Before. I was certain that you were all I needed. If I had you and we had our family like we talked about.” She laughs through her tears; it hurts my heart. “All the time, I thought that was all that mattered, that nothing could touch us.” I’m at a loss for words as she wipes her face off and gets a little more comfortable. “I mean, what eleven year old knows what boy she wants to marry and actually gets him for a good amount of time before she does something stupid and throws it all away?”
I get up off the bed and pace. She’s going to take our whole history, blame herself for it, and then blame it as the cause for where she is currently. Not happening. I swallow hard as I try to focus on the main priority here, getting Macie to a place where she can get back to her normal.
“Butterfly, you need to start by realizing that when we went wrong, it was only because it wasn’t our time to be right. That’s it. Nothing more, nothing less. There’s no telling what would have happened if you would’ve stuck around, so there’s no use in playing the ‘what if’ game with it. Okay?”


“I can’t make you mine right now, Macie.” He sounded dejected.
“I know,” she whispered across his lips, this time pressing her mouth against his.
“I don’t trust anybody else with you,” he said as she deepened the kiss a little more, but he wasn’t letting her fully in.
She licked his top lip and a small groan came out against his wishes. “I know, Sugar Plum.” She kissed just his bottom lip; being the only participant in the kiss was becoming challenging.
Greyden laughed. “Noooo.” He gripped her face, stopping her ministrations. She scrunched up her nose at him. “Macie, remember our plans?”
She nodded. How could she forget? They had a future together, just not a present.
He tucked a few strands of hair behind her ear. “I promise to keep my mouth shut if you want to date, if you promise to date guys your own age and to be smart.”
Macie’s shoulders sagged in disappointment. That’s not where she was hoping he was going to go with that. “Grey, I don’t—”
“Butterfly,” he slides a finger to her lips effectively shushing her, “I wish I could be that guy for you right now, but I can’t. I know that others can’t either, but apparently you’re going to have to figure that one out on your own. That’s why I ask that you wait ‘til you’re eighteen for the major stuff. Because, Butterfly…God. Macie James, you’re not the girl guys screw around with. You’re the girl guys marry. You’re the girl I’m going to marry.”
Macie gasped in complete shock at his words. Stunned speechless. What does one say to that anyway?
Thankfully, she didn’t have to think too long. Greyden slid off the truck, coming in close contact along her body, not letting her back up. He leaned down, his lips hovering over hers momentarily, just barely brushing them before pressing the sweetest kiss to her hyperaware lips. His lips were soft and warm and Macie wanted to pull him even closer than he already was and open up to him, but that’s not the kind of kiss he was giving her. No, he was giving her a kiss of a promise, a promise of a future, of a friendship and of a love that will only bloom with time, that’s what this kiss was. It was kind of heartbreaking on her end. It may be what he wanted and needed right now, but he just told her he was going to marry her, yet she couldn’t really kiss him, or have him.

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Sunday Snippet: The Dangerous Gift – Jane Hunt

The Dangerous Gift
The Dangerous Gift

‘The Dangerous Gift –
Chilling Suspense, Forbidden Love, Murder, Mystery and  Passionate Reunion.’


BLURB‘Jennie Taylor receives an unexpected gift; shares in the Unicorn ranch where she grew up. Now she can follow her heart and stay in Texas, if Jared Stewart surrenders control of his beloved ranch to the woman he wants but can’t have.

Who is behind the escalating incidents that threaten the ranch’s viability? Jennie is determined to find out. Jared must protect Jennie from the danger she faces. Thrown together 24/7 their forbidden passion ignites forcing Jared to accept he loves Jennie. Will her brave but reckless actions put her life in danger and threaten their chance of love forever? ‘

Sunday Snippet

 ‘He pushed the horrific images from his mind and sought a diversion. The answer to his prayer walked down the stairs in a black lace dress, demure, with its buttoned up lacy collar and long sleeves. Jen’s hair restrained again, his fingers itched to free it, barely any makeup, pale skin added to her air of fragility. Jared captured and held Jen’s troubled gaze. Driven by a protective instinct he ran up the stairs. Enclosed in his warm grip, the coldness of her delicate hand alarmed him. He stroked the soft skin and encouraged the blood flow, the scent of roses drifted off Jen’s body. His arousal went into overdrive. She smelled so good. “Are you okay kitten?” ‘

©Jane Hunt September 2014


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5* Review: Tempted – Susan Arden (Playing the Edge #1)

18502404One day is all it takes to be tempted into playing the edge.

After escaping an abusive past, Eliza refuses to accept the mind-numbing existence she’s cast into. Living in the shadow of her overprotective sister, leaves Eliza suffocated and stifled, until Graham Gordon takes up residence in her yoga class and in her head. Just like that, her vanilla world is turned upside down. Graham is everything she should avoid and everything she’s ever desired.

Graham Gordon is wealthy, privileged, and harbors a secret vice no one would ever suspect. In Eliza, he has found the perfect acquisition: an innocent teacher he can’t seem to forget. During a private yoga session, Graham makes Eliza an offer she can’t refuse and teaches her what it means to submit to his every desire.

Within Graham’s powerful presence, the veils under which Eliza hides are stripped away, unlocking her inner hunger to be dominated. But will Graham’s possessive nature save her from the demons of her past, or be another experience she must survive?

My Review‘Tempted’ is the first taste of what promises to be a tempestuous relationship between Eliza a reluctant yoga teacher and Graham an ultra powerful and rich business man. This is not a ‘Fifty Shades’ story although there are some obvious similarities. The age gap between Eliza and Graham makes it  more like an erotic ‘Pygmalion.’
Eliza is easy to empathise with, although you can see why she frustrates her sister, when she seems hell bent on turning self expression into self destruction. I like the setting of this story in the world of Yoga. The first person point of view gives the story an edgy, rawness. Eliza’s emotions, fears and reactions are more immediate.
Graham is harder to like because of his overt dominance but he is a fascinating character. His point of view illustrates perfectly the depth of his controlling nature. Eliza threatens his control from their first unspoken meeting. He craves her but fears she will jeopardise the foundations of his existence.
The sensuality between Eliza and Graham is immediate. The couple’s first erotic encounters are steamy and mesmerizing and the perfect appetiser for what is to come, if Eliza accepts Graham’s offer.
Realistic emotional responses echo the story’s eroticism. The reader is drawn into Eliza’ world and can enjoy a few ‘what if ‘ moments as Eliza makes a life changing choice.
I am interested to see what happens next in this mature adult read.

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5* Review: A Place for Us – Part 2 – Harriet Evans


This is the second part of the serialization of A Place for Us … Check out my review of part 1 here

 The house has soft, purple wisteria twining around the door. You step inside.

The hall is cool after the hot summer’s day. The welcome is kind, and always warm.

Yet something makes you suspect life here can’t be as perfect as it seems.
After all, the brightest smile can hide the darkest secret.

But wouldn’t you pay any price to have a glorious place like this?

Welcome to Winterfold.
Martha Winter’s family is finally coming home

My Review


A Place For Us Part 2The second part of the serialization of ‘A Place for Us’ starts historically with Daisy the middle child and the crux of the mystery that shrouds the family. It’s clear from the outset that Daisy is different from her other siblings Bill and Flo. She feels everything more acutely and reacts often violently, even if it is only in her mind. The deterioration of Daisy’s mental health in her childhood and teenage is ignored by her parents Martha and David. This leaves Daisy exposed to addiction and manipulation once she leaves the cloistered family home.

Flo’s decision to fight for her career mitigates the melancholy feel of the opening chapter. There is more positivity about Flo in this part of the book. A contrast to the sadness you feel about Daisy. Cat temporarily escapes her unhappy life but will she have the courage to stay? Bill and Karen’s secret becomes public knowledge at Martha’s birthday cocktail party but it is over shadowed by Martha’s terrible secret revealed at her family birthday meal.

This part of the book is poignant and Daisy and Martha’s points of view are particularly heartrending. Cat’s homecoming, the cocktail party and the birthday meal are beautifully realistic and atmospheric. You can hear the silence and feel the discomfort of the family as their matriarch tears the family apart.

The pacing and character development of the first part of the book comes good because you know how the characters feel and react and it makes the reading experience more enjoyable. I am definitely hooked by the characters and setting and looking forward to part 3.

I received a copy of this book from Headline via NetGalley in return for an honest review.

A Place For Us Part 2 by Harriet Evans

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A Place For Us Part 2 by Harriet Evans

Harriet Evans

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My 4* Review of A Place for Us Part 1

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Protecting the Enemy – Christy Newton – 5* Review and Release Day Spotlight

It’s Release Day for  Christy Newton’s latest book ‘Protecting the Enemy’.

Protecting the Enemy Cover


Julianna Fox was made for her job. Or so she is told. The only memory Julianna has of her past is after the explosion. She was a nameless victim until a man pulled her out of the darkness and gave her new life. A new purpose, because anything is better than being no one. When she is about to eliminate her next mark something stops her. The moment Julianna makes eye contact with Reid Castleton, she has a flashback of her forgotten past. How does she know the man? And why can’t she follow through with her assignment?
Expert assassin, Reid Castleton, has been told to kill the only woman he ever loved if he wants to live. When he finds his fiancee, he can’t go through with the hit, even if it means losing his own life. Either she can’t remember who she is or is damn good at acting.
Neither one knows who to trust. Both make a truce until they can find out why the leader of ETE 7 wants them both dead. What they uncover is a long line of lies and deception that started the moment Julianna was conceived. Will love conquer all or will fear make them do the unthinkable?

Buy Links 1

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Excerpt -2

Julianna reached across the table and handed Reid a fortune cookie. He crushed the yellowish-orange shell, then read the strip of white paper aloud. If you want it… get it. Reid shrugged and smiled. He walked around the table and grabbed Julianna by her legs, lifting her up over his shoulder. Her hair hung a curtain over her face. Dizzy with laughter, the blood rushed to her head.
Julianna bolted upright in bed and rubbed her eyes. Had the dream been just a dream or was it a memory? Her life was like a yard sale puzzle missing most of its pieces.
Reid sat on the edge of the mattress. “Hey, sleeping beauty. You were laughing in your sleep.”
She felt her face heat up. “I was?”
He touched the tip of her nose as if nothing had happened between them.
“Yeah, it was kind of cute.”
Julianna forced herself to roll her eyes instead of smile. She wouldn’t tell him about her silly dream which is probably all it was. “Great, why were you watching me sleep?”
“I wasn’t, but I did come over here when you started laughing. It was quite entertaining.”
She tossed the covers aside and got up. “I’m so glad I could amuse you.” Exasperated, but also captivated with the man, she stomped into the bathroom to take a shower. As she took off her clothes she closed her eyes. She ached to feel the way she had in her dream. She wanted Reid. God help her she wanted him bad.

teaser pte (2)

My Review 2

‘Protecting the Enemy’ is a fast paced, romantic thriller. The suspense is absorbing. You definitely want to know what happens next to Julianna and Reid; two characters that give the story its humour and poignancy. The heat level of this novel is more sensual than sweet, which fits with the assassin profiles of the heroine and hero. The love scenes enhance the story’s emotion and conflict.

The author’s gift of setting the scene for the story’s action and conflict is a signature of her writing, which she uses to great effect here. It’s the attention to detail and vivid descriptions that make ‘Protecting the Enemy’ believable, easy to visualise and engage with.

The plot is contemporary and she doesn’t shy away from some graphic details for authenticity. The twists are gentle and there is no chance of losing your way with this story.

Julianna is a kick ass heroine with a conscience that threatens to destroy her when she finds out the truth. Reid wants to carve out an identity for himself to escape from his less than ideal upbringing.

A vivid, action packed read with lots of heartfelt emotion, thrills and plenty of sensual heat.

I received a copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review.


Don’t forget to click on the link below and join  today’s Release Day Facebook Party.

Protecting the Enemy Release Day Party link

PtE Teaser

Christy Newton Social Media Links:



*Author Website


*Author Amazon Page

Full Protecting the Enemy Cover

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Author Interview: Tracey Rogers

Author Interview
Today I’m welcoming back Tracey Rogers author of ‘Daring to Wish’, ‘Best Fake Day’ and her latest release ‘Employee of the Month’. It was Tracey’s first ‘authorversary’ yesterday and to celebrate she is visiting my blog to answer questions on her books , writing process and why she writes.

7211367Welcome back Tracey. 🙂

Thank you for inviting me here today Jane!

So first question…

 EmployeeOfTheMonth_MediumWhat inspired you to write ‘Employee of the Month’?

Well usually I’m inspired by a scene that pops in my head, or a ‘what if’ moment. This time I wanted to test my writing wings and aim for something different instead of a cute meet, or reunion. So with Holly and Max I went with an approach I hadn’t tried before. I had to imagine a scenario where a couple might already be together in some kind of way.

Daring to Wish_Medium BestFakeDay_MediumI’ve read your first two romance novels: Daring to Wish and Best Fake Day; this one is undeniably more sensual. Did you consciously set out to write a hot, sensual romance and if so why?

No, I didn’t set out to write a hottie, I think Max and Holly completely took over! Though as it fit their no-strings relationship, it probably wouldn’t have been true to the story to make it sweet. It starts off with heat, so it seemed right to let them have their way throughout. 🙂

Do you have a definite writing process? Can you share it with us?

Haha! I wish I did. So far it consists of opening the laptop and hoping one of my writer friends is going to push me into getting some words down. Otherwise I have to hunt words down myself at night when I should be sleeping.
I’ve tried plotting and I now know it doesn’t work for me. I generally start off with an idea of my opening scene and then I write a character profile based on the image in my head. From that I work out the goal, motivation and conflict and figure out my ending. I always know my beginning and ending then let the characters write the middle themselves.

Employee of the Month is your third book. I know you have book 1 of a new series coming out in December can you give us a few insights into the new books?

Of course!

Dating in the Dark is book 1 of the Sweet Delights Series. Each of the three books are centred round the Sweet Delights Bakery in some way. In Dating in the Dark, the hero, Damian, is hiding out in the bakery, and of course where there’s a bakery there’s a woman who enjoys the sweet stuff. Or is that just me? Sophie likes more than just the products—but why do they have to date in the dark?

In book 2 you discover more about Vanessa, Damian’s sister. The bakery features more prominently in this story as Vanessa competes in a baking competition, which threatens to reveal some of her secrets. Of course Vanessa might need a sexy hero to help her along the way. Pity Jake has a few secrets of his own.

Sweet Delights also has a coffee shop and this time in book 3, a familiar character in the series takes on the role as barista. Chloe stirs up more than coffee for one of the new customers. Mainly trouble!

I know like me writing is important in your life. Why?

I always loved to write, but real life left me with little time. When I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia I suddenly had a lot of time on my hands and more importantly a lot of time to think. So the stories started creating themselves again and getting them down in words gave me back a sense of purpose. It also gave an outlet for all of those characters chatting away in my head.

What are the three factors that contribute most to a book’s success?

A book has to be a page turner—Readers need a reason to keep turning the pages. A successful story has good pacing, conflict and enough of a hook to keep the reader entertained.
Characters—Your hero and heroine need to be believable. That means having weaknesses, flaws, or maybe personality traits that are endearing. The most important thing about your characters is that they need to create emotion. It’s emotion that will carry the reader through until the end.
You—A book can only be successful if potential readers know it exists. This means authors have to put themselves out there and engage with their reader. I love getting reader feedback! A successful book is part author, part blogger and any of the amazing people out there who take the time to review and share.

Do you find it difficult to balance your time on social media with your writing? If yes, why do you think this is?

*guilty face* Yes I do! Social media is invaluable to writers, but it is a time suck. Quick research, or a check of social media and suddenly you forget why you were there in the first place. All of a sudden that quiz to match you with your perfect book boyfriend is the most important thing in the world. I do try to separate the two as much as possible, but the writing community is a hugely supportive one and as such you have to make yourself available to be a cheerleader, or hand-holder to others sometimes.

I know you’re an avid reader? What genre are you reading most of at the moment?

I never stick to one genre. I read mainly contemporary and paranormal romance, but I alternate to read both. I find reading one genre desensitizes you after a while, so reading both counteracts this and maintains my appreciation.

Do you plan to concentrate on writing contemporary romance or would you like to write in another genre? If so what.

As much as I love contemporary romance, I do plan to spread my wings into the paranormal world. They say write what you love and I love both. I just need to try harder to avoid humour sneaking in where it was never intended. I do try!

Have you ever considered self publishing?

I take my hat off to anyone who is able to self publish! I need a team around me clearing up my mess and giving a hand squeeze. I fear technology and I know my limits.

Thank you Tracey and I wish you lots of success with the new book. 🙂

If you’re new to Tracey’s books check out my reviews:

Daring to Wish

Best Fake Day

Employee of the Month

 Click on the covers below if you want to buy any of Tracey’s books.

EmployeeOfTheMonth_Medium    BestFakeDay_Medium   Daring to Wish_Medium

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Spotlight and 4* Review: Lost Desires -Rachael Orman


After ten years of marriage, Ian and Brittany are in a rut. Their life together has become routine, no longer filled with fun and spontaneity. And their love life? Non-existent.

Longing to break the dull, repeating pattern that is her life, Brittany looks to a friend for some advice on how to put some spice back into her marriage.

Her friend’s advice? A hands on, in home sex therapist.

Brittany brushes her off at first, but after another night of unexciting sex, she’ll try anything…ANYTHING to save her love life, even if it is an unconventional route. Journey through the ups and downs of love, life, and lust with Brittany, Ian, and their sex therapist.

**Warning: Intended for 18+ for graphic sex & language**

My Review 2

 This erotic novella delivers exactly what the blurb promises. It’s easy to imagine yourself in Brittany’s position if you’re married and have kids. Keeping the chemistry going when there are so many competing demands for your time, is not easy. Her sex life is not the only thing lacking in her life, most of the time she feels like she’s bringing the kids up on her own as well as having a career. Ian her hardworking but insulated husband appears satisfied with their physical relationship but is he really?

Brittany expresses her emotions in a realistic way. You understand how deep her unhappiness is when she accepts her close friend’s advice and contacts a sex therapist. You feel her embarrassment when she speaks to a stranger about her sex life. Her husband Ian accepts the sex therapist’s intervention far more readily than Brittany would have expected. Maybe this is an indication that he too was unhappy with their relationship?
The scenes with the sex therapists are graphic and erotically written but portray Brittany’s medley of emotions beautifully.

‘Lost Desires’ is undeniably hot but also poignant and grounded a lovely mix of fantasy ‘what if’ and reality.
Definitely a mature adult read.

I received a copy of this novella from the author in exchange for an honest review.


  Add Lost Desires to your GoodReads

Buy Links 1

Amazon US

Amazon UK

Amazon CA


 Author Bio

 Rachael is a stay at home mom with 2 young daughters and a husband that keep her constantly on her toes. She lives in the extremely hot state of Arizona, where she reads and writes away the blistering heat outside. She is a cancer survivor with a quirky personality. She’s been an avid reader for as long as she can remember and been writing since she was in high school. Her hopes of being a writer were crushed when she was young but one day she decided she was going to do what makes her happy and that was to write.


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· Amazon Author Page: