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Spectacular Ruin On Rugged Coast – Dunstanburgh Castle

Approaching Dunstanburgh Castle

Yesterday we visited a ruined castle at Craster. It was the most spectacular yet. I thought Lindisfarne was amazing built on a volcanic rock on an island but Dunstanburgh castle is a spectacular ruin on a breathtaking stretch of the Northumberland coast.

Alongside the walk to the castle
Alongside the walk to the castle

The photographs speak for themselves although in real life the waves crashing against the rocks is even better.

The view from the walk to the castle.
The view from the walk to the castle.

You do have to pass close by to sheep and cows so you will need to keep your dogs under close control but they are clearly used to visitors and ignored us which suited me.

Jazz and Oby were well behaved.
Jazz and Oby were well-behaved.

The ruined castle has some interesting features including these windows.

DSCN0994  DSCN0990


 There is also a double height tower.

Double Height Tower
Double Height Tower


Today is our last full day here in Northumberland and I will be sad to leave the beautiful coast and countryside and the friendly locals. Today we are off to explore the beach we saw from the castle yesterday.

From from the castle gorunds towards Craster Harbour
From from the castle grounds towards Craster Harbour


Amid the ruined castle
Dunstanburgh Castle