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5* Review: Just You – Starting Out #2 – Jane Lark

21462694The morning after the New Year’s Eve before…

Waking up to a new year with a killer hangover and hazy memories of a seriously hot hook-up the night before leaves Portia in an awkward situation… Did I, or didn’t I? The only way she’s going to find out is by standing up to the guy in question.

With no regrets, Justin is willing to play the gentleman and save Portia her embarrassment. Only then he gets a text saying, come over… and he’s not gonna lie – this is friends with a lot of benefits!

But no matter how good the sex is, there’s one thing Justin’s not down with: being this shallow rich girl’s dirty little secret..


Just You (Starting Out #2)My Review

‘Just You’ is the second in the Starting Out series. This is Justin and Portia’s story. It starts with a question, which Portia desperately needs the answer to. Did they actually do it at their boss’ New Year’s Eve party? Portia has to find out since it was Justin’s friend, Jason she really wanted to connect with and he left the party early with his new girlfriend Rachel. If you have read book one in the series ‘I Found You’ Jason and Rachel will be familiar. They are the couple that connect all the books in the series.
Portia on first acquaintance appears snobby and unapproachable but Justin found her less the ice queen and more the hot diva when she came onto him at his boss’ New Year’s Eve party. Ever the gentleman he spares her blushes until she insists he tell her what happened. She withdraws and he chalks it up as one of those hook- ups when suddenly she thaws and seems to want him in her life at least in a physical sense.
Justin is a character with real depth. He knows the value of family and is prepared to make the sacrifices necessary for his brothers and mother. Portia is the archetypical poor little rich girl but she too has hidden qualities and they prove to be Justin’s salvation when a tragedy occurs.
This is a gritty, fast paced romantic story told through Justin and Portia’s eyes. An absorbing read.
I received a copy of this book from Harper Impulse via NetGalley in return for an honest review.


Check put my 4*review of the I Found You the first book in the Starting Out series

 Rachel and Jason the couple that links the series together.

Just You by Jane Lark

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Just You (Starting Out #2) by Jane Lark

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