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Do I Really Look Like That?

As part of the production process for my next book-The Revenge Masquerade I needed a new head shot for my author bio. So I stopped procrastinating and asked my daughter to take a few photos of me in our garden.

DSCN0418 DSCN0419

The photos were all in focus and beautifully staged but I didn’t recognise myself.

Even when I was younger and (passably attractive) I always dreaded having my photo taken unless it was in a really natural setting like the one on my  Jane Hunt Writer Book Reviews Google +. 

2013-07-05 01.25.58

I debated whether to use my head shot from last year when The Dragon Legacy was released.

Jane Hunt 1 My hair was much longer and my face looked thinner (probably because it was??)  and my eyes were surrounded by less wrinkles but in the end I decided  to go with the new one. DSCN0580

My lovely son came in and said he liked my new photo best. Definitely an ah moment. 🙂

There was an amusing anecdote to accompany this tale of woe, which I will share with you. 🙂

It was Sunday afternoon and sunny even in England  our neighbours were barbecuing. As I decided between my photos I noticed a really strange smell. My daughter and I decided they must be burning rather than barbecuing the food and thought no more about it. Until I realised I was boiling new potatoes for tea and had completely forgotten them. Oh dear. The awful burning smell was in fact my potatoes. The smell drifted into the garden via the extractor.  Oh well  it seems I becoming forgetful too.

🙂 Happy Sunday.








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