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5* Review: Crazy For You – Emma Heatherington


 What would you do for a second chance at first love?

Aspiring actress Daisy Anderson is a hopeless romantic with dreams of finding her own happily ever after. She’s left her sleepy home town of Kilshannon and the heartache of lost love far behind her, determined not to look back… until her past comes looking for her that is!

When disaster strikes and her holiday to sunny Spain is cancelled, the last thing Daisy expects is to open the door to her estranged best friend, Eddie, in desperate need of her help and with one hell of a crazy plan in mind!

Heading back to her home turf to fulfill a dying woman’s final wish might be bad enough, but by the time she sets eyes on Jonathon Eastwood; tall, dark and as handsome as the day they parted, Daisy’s already in too deep to run. Plus, Jonathon’s not the only guy back in town, and with the devastatingly gorgeous Christian Devine back in her life, Daisy’s world is about to turn upside down.

Crazy For You: HarperImpulse Contemporary RomanceMy Review

This book jumps straight in to the action. Daisy still reeling from her holiday plans going astray receives an unusual request from her childhood friend, Eddie. On the face of it pretending to be the girlfriend of an old friend whose mother is dying, is not that far-fetched but Eddie’s sexuality makes this Daisy’s hardest acting role ever.
The characters didn’t immediately grab me in the first few chapters but I am so glad I kept reading because this is such a funny, poignant read. It’s one of those novels that not only make you smile it makes you laugh out loud. As soon as Daisy and Eddie return to their childhood village they reach their full potential as characters and this becomes a page turning read.
Newly engaged Jonathon is Daisy’s first love and Eddie’s older brother and to complicate matters further Daisy and Jonathon share a secret, get the picture? The other characters are vividly drawn and give this story its depth and interest. There are elements of mystery, sweet romance, humour, sadness and emotional baggage so heavy you wonder at times if the hero and heroine will reach their happy ever after but in true romantic comedy style of course they do. Well worth a read.

I received a copy of this book from Harper Impulse via NetGalley.

 Crazy For You: HarperImpulse Contemporary Romance by Emma Heatherington

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Crazy For You  HarperImpulse Contemporary Romance by Emma Heatherington
Emma Heatherington
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