Is It Just Me?

IMAG0064 I didn’t understand other people’s preoccupation with coffee until I started writing full-time. Now I run on auto-pilot, until I’ve sipped my first cup. 🙂

I work at home doing something I love, ‘writing’ so Monday doesn’t hold the same gloomy significance, it once did, when I was part of the working treadmill.

Today was an exception.  I thought toast would be a nice accompaniment to my coffee and I put some under the grill. I didn’t get distracted, something I usually do and checked it after a couple of minutes. It was almost done but it not quite. I returned it to the grill and started to feed Jazz, Oby and Tom their breakfast.


DSCN7133DSCN0367 2012-11-03 10.06.12

Five minutes later I remembered my toast.DSCN0388 (2)It was actually worse than the picture suggests I scraped it prior to this. Finally I managed to get my now lukewarm coffee and charcoal toast, not quite the breakfast I planned. Still the day can only improve? So is it just me, or does your toast burn, metaphorically speaking, the minute you take your eye of the ball?


At least my beautiful oriental poppy has opened despite being parted from the plant by a passing ‘little darling’. Maybe Monday won’t be so bad after all. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Is It Just Me?

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  1. I love the post, Jane! Coffee is a MUST when writing. I was always a morning only coffee drinker until I started writing regularly and now I can drink it all day long. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on a topic central to all writers!


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