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The Dangerous Gift: Writing Journey Update – Jane Hunt

the dangerous gift

So as promised in my Thursday post about The Revenge Masquerade This weekend I’m blogging about my next project. The Dangerous Gift. Regular followers of my blog will recall  I started this book last year and entered the first chapter in the SYTYCW 2013.

I fully intended to finish it but after completing and editing the first half  I started a different book ”Past Shadows for NaNoWriMo in November. In December I was swept into the whirlwind of The Dragon Legacy’s publication and all the associated promotion.When I found time to write again in January I decided to go with ‘The Revenge Masquerade’ – Jasmine and Zane’s story and The Dangerous Gift was put on hold.

Now May is drawing to a close I decided to read through what I’d written of The Dangerous Gift and I was surprised how well it read.  Even though I knew what was going to happen I still wanted to turn the pages to find out if I was right. So I’ve taken this as a sign to concentrate on finishing my romantic suspense and see what its like when I finished it. 🙂

If you like to know more about ‘The  Dangerous Gift’ check out my Pinterest board ‘The Dangerous Gift’ and The Dangerous Gift page here on my website. I’ll post a snippet of what I’ve written so far in my Sunday Snippet post  later.








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