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4* Review:The Shaman’s Temptation – Erin Moore

The Shaman’s Temptation was my Friday read this week.


A Shaman’s temptation could be the undoing of his people…

Madeleine Greenway, perfectionist and analyst for Surety Bank, has no place in her rigidly organized life for something as unpredictable as a man, much less a Native American shaman. Sent to the White Mountain reservation to help the tribe finance its new casino, she meets Tak, a proud, beautiful Apache, and finds herself surrounded by something magical in the Arizona desert. His touch becomes a passport to otherworldly bliss, and the strange coyote she sees makes her question what’s real. But it’s the amazing sex with Tak that makes Madeleine lose sight of her goal—to guarantee that Surety Bank’s investment in the casino won’t fail.

Last in a long line of shaman shape-shifters, Tak Nah-Kah-Yen has sworn a vow of celibacy to his gods. But Madeleine’s lithe body and honeyed lips compel him to forswear his pledge, claiming her for his own. His passion for her overshadows his link to his gods at a time when he most needs their help. Desperate to find funding for the casino and lift his people out of poverty, he’d accepted start-up money from less than savory sources who are willing to kill to guarantee their profit—the profit Madeleine’s bank jeopardizes…

The Shaman's TemptationMy Review

 The Shaman’s Temptation is a sensual paranormal romance defined by its beautiful imagery and mystique.
Madeleine’s career as a top financial analyst is her life, the last person who would expect to have visions of a mystery lover. It is this dichotomy that makes you read on. Sexy and enigmatic Tak affects Madeleine in a wholly disturbing way. A Shaman and the last of his kind he hides his true self behind an uncommunicative, brooding exterior.
The dream sequences and love scenes are a clever fusion of passion and romance. The sensual connection between Madeleine and Tak transcends their everyday persona, something mystical  is at work here. This is in stark contrast to the reality of the tribe’s poverty and financial sharks willing to exploit them.
I enjoyed the mystical elements in this story and would have loved to explore these in greater detail. The ending was an interesting clash of paranormal and reality but it was a little abrupt. This story leaves the reader wanting more. I wonder if there could be a sequel to this novella to expand the paranormal character and see how the fledgling relationship between Madeleine and Tak plays out. I would love to see more of them and the coyote.
I received a copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review.

The Shaman’s Temptation by Erin Moore

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Shaman's Temptation by Erin Moore
Erin Moore

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