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Friday Read:Bloodgifted Tima Maria Lacoba

My Friday read is Bloodgifted the debut novel from Tima Maria Lacoba look out for my review here next week. Here’s what its about:

 Descended from a cursed Roman soldier, primary school teacher, Laura Dantonville carries a rare genetic mutation that makes her a coveted prize to the secret community of vampires who reside in beautiful harbour city of Sydney. Her unique blood not only enables them to daywalk, but is also the key to ending a centuries-old curse. As such she becomes the epicentre of a power struggle between two rival vampire factions who want to claim her.
The oldest and most powerful of these is led by Alec Munro, whose position as leader, or Princeps, gives him sole claim to Laura.
Has she any other choice but to accept her destiny?

If you want to join me Bloodgifted is available at:

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Review here next week