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4* Review Say it with Sequins:The Waltz Georgia Hill

Best-selling children’s writer, Lucy Everett, signs up as a personal challenge – can she battle her phobias and dance in front of millions of viewers?

When she meets fellow competitor, the seriously sexy but reserved Olympic swimmer Max Parry, she finds in him her very own Prince Charming.

But Max seems content to just be friends. Will Lucy ever get her longed for fairy tale ending?

My Review

Say it with Sequins: The Waltz is as the dance suggests a gentle romantic tale of a wallflower and a misunderstood hero.

Lucy a successful but reclusive children’s fiction writer finds herself on the reality television dance show Who Dares Dances thanks to her pushy streetwise agent the aptly named Whiz. Max an Olympic gold medal swimmer is the proverbial fish out of water in the dance studio and it’s this awkwardness that attracts Lucy a recovering agoraphobic who senses a kindred spirit.

Long hours of training make the couple want to be more than friends but neither is aware of their reciprocated feelings put off by the emotional barriers they are both so good at building. Lucy’s naivety leads to a tragic misunderstanding between the couple which makes a fairytale ending unlikely.

This story is full of poignant insights which endear Lucy and Max to the reader. An unforeseen intervention threatens Lucy and Max’s friendship. Luckily cupid appears in a spray tan and gives the couple a helping hand but Max must share his greatest secret if they are ever to be happy together.

Lucy and Max are introverts fighting internal battles which can only be won through self belief which makes Say it With Sequins: The Waltz’ more angst ridden than the first story. The damage prejudice and lack of understanding causes are important elements in this story. Its delicate balance between light and shade makes it a romantic satisfying read.

I received a copy of this book from Harper Collins UK Harper Impulse via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Say It With Sequins: The Waltz by Georgia Hill

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Say It With Sequins  The Waltz

Georgia Hill

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