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Witchy Woman Lorna Eames

Witchy Woman VBT 2 BannerLife can be a challenge when you’re a witch under a curse, especially if you’re doing everything in your power to fight your destiny. Alex Dragomir thinks her life is under control. She doesn’t actively use magick and she hasn’t met a werewolf who can stir the curse within her earning her the title of ‘Ice Princess’.
Everything changes when she comes under attack by rogue werewolves. Lock LeCount, enforcer and totally delectable werewolf steps up to be her bodyguard stirring the embers of the curse to life. Turning back to the magick Alex once fled seems her only option but it draw her closer to Lock, as they discover the ability to meld their preternatural powers to fight the enemy. Along with the curse comes her uncontrollable response to Rumor, the enigmatic bad boy who attempts to lure her to his bed.
Fighting new-found feeling of desire and finally facing her magickal heritage takes its toll on her sanity, making her question everything and everyone. Who can Alex trust and will her growing powers be enough to save her from the fate awaiting her?


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The song ended and the tempo of the music slowed. His hands wrapped around her waist pressing his muscled hips and thighs against her. She followed the slow sensual movement of his body. Fingers lightly stroked her back, mesmerizing her with their touch.
Alex felt the warmth of his breath at the base of her neck, stirring the embers of the fire Rumor had started earlier. The words to the song seeped into her brain fogging her thoughts with the sensual undertones they inspired.
Rumor leaned in taking advantage of their closeness. Warm lips caressed the sensitive side of her throat, shivers moved through her body. Alex tilted her head slightly, giving him greater access to her slender neck. A soft moan escaped her lips. His tongue licked its way up the side of the neck behind her ear, gently nipping the tip of the lobe. Desire flowed through the blood in her veins, taking with it her resistance. Rumor whispered something low and seductive in her ear as his wolf emerged taking control of the man.
“What did you say?” She stopped moving. The music blasted around them, everyone else moving, dancing.
“I asked if you wanted to go find a room in the back.” His hands moved down her back to slide over curvy hips, drawing them back against him as he began to move again.
“Do you really think I’m the kind of girl that’s gonna hop in the sack with you after knowing you a couple of hours?” Alex jerked out of his embrace. Anger flowed through her taking control. “Think again, buster. I don’t know what kind of girl you’re used to dating but I’m not a whore for the pack.”
“I know you want me, Alex. I can smell your desire.” He pulled her roughly against him. His wolf was on edge, the smell of her arousal overriding his common sense.
Alex could feel how excited he was. She didn’t need a nose for that. “I do want you but that doesn’t mean I’m going to do anything about it tonight.” Alex’s eyes flashed angrily conveying the fury within.
“You can’t blame me, Alex.” He leaned and sniffed her neck. “You smell like you’re in heat. You know how it affects wolves.”
“So, this is my fault? Sorry Rumor, not a good enough excuse.” Her hand moved from her waist, traveling slowly down between them. He felt the point of the knife pressed up against the leather of his pants at the base of his scrotum. “I’m only going to say this once.” A sudden chill hung on the edge of her words. “Take your hands off me now. I won’t hesitate to neuter you. Believe me I know how to do it and what I cut up I don’t fix. You’ll have to find another doctor.”

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About the Author:

Lorna Eames is a sucker for a happy ending. She writes paranormal romance books because even witches and werewolves need love. When not writing she is often found at a hockey game or exploring sunny Las Vegas where she resides after transplanting herself there from northern Indiana. She has two wonderful, supportive daughters, a wacky son-in-law and an extremely skittish black cat. Her first book Witchy Woman is coming soon from Crimson Frost Books.

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