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ABC Award – Belated Acceptance. Oops I Forgot

I was nominated last year for the ABC award by the incredible Incy Black  who you can find here Incy Black  – Into the Black. 

Fortunately for me the rules are simple:.

You post the Logo.

Post your A to Z.

A is for animal welfare something really close to my heart.

B is for books ,electronic or paper I love them all.

C is for  cat – My cat Tommy is 15 and  such a character I think he will appear in one of my stories soon.

D is for dogs of which I have two. Jazz and Oby keep me company whilst I write.

E is for elegance I love reading about the elegant Regency times.

F is for Father I miss mine so much and think about him everyday.

G is for Gardening one of my favourite hobbies.

H is for Happiness something I think is really important to share.

I is for individuality something to be encouraged.

J is for Jane that’s me 🙂 and Jazz my beautiful dog  who features on my FB and Twitter

K is for kids of which I have two and  they  are my greatest success story.

L is for Love something to be treasured in my life.

M is for Mum. I miss mine and hope she would still be proud of me.

N is for Naughty much more fun than nice.

O is for Oby my lovely rescue dog who  completes our family.

P is for Pleasley where I write.

Q is for quirky like my stories.

R is for romance my favourite literature.

S is for sensual the type of romance  I enjoy writing most.

T is ‘The Dragon Legacy’ my first e-book the realisation of a lifelong dream.

U is for Us.

V is for Vince my husband of over 30 years.

W is for Writers always there when I need a friend.

X is for Xavier my  fearsome demon in The Dragon Legacy.

Y is for you –  my blog followers who read my rambling posts and follow my book reviews.

Z is for  Zane the wolf /man who is the hero of book 2 in The Dragon Legacy.

Finally nominate another lucky blogger or two.

 Fiona Chapman and Tracey Rogers I nominate you. 🙂

The Dragon Legacy Cover