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5* Review Five of Hearts Jennifer De Cuir

9781440579608 Five Hearts Jennifer De Cuir I was asked by Crimson Romance author Jennifer De Cuir to review her latest story Five of Hearts which is  a Scallops Shore novel. Here’s what the story’s about:
Being a celebrity had taught Dean that women only wanted him for his money and fame. They weren’t interested in him as a person. And they would use any sneaky means at their disposal to get what they wanted – including false paternity suits. Fed up, Dean moves to the other side of the country, to a small town on the coast of Maine. Surely he wouldn’t be bothered here.
Shannon has no use for men. Her father left when she was very little and her husband took off the minute the ultrasound revealed they weren’t having one baby, but three babies at once. She could handle it all on her own, thank you very much. But living up here on the bluff got lonely, even with her rambunctious triplets. And if she spent a little time with the hunky new guy next door, that was just being neighborly, right?
Dean’s idyllic new life was not supposed to include the hot neighbor-lady’s children sneaking into his yard every day. But the more time he spent with the triplets and their stubbornly independent mama, the more he realized his new hermit lifestyle may not have been the best choice. With Shannon, he could trust again. She was genuinely interested in him, not his fame. Of course, that could be because he’d neglected to tell her about his former life as the lead singer of the boy band, Five of Hearts. When she found out, would she forgive him for hiding something so important from her? Would she believe he did it to protect himself? Would she still love him… for him?

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My Review

Five of HeartsFive of Hearts is an absorbing, feel good romance with a feisty, courageous heroine and a sexy mysterious hero.

Dean a former boy band superstar is tired of paparazzi, gold diggers and everyone looking to him to maintain their golden lifestyle. The quiet coastal community of Scallops Shore is his chance for solitude and seclusion. Enter a trio of noise, mischief and fun. Shannon the triplets’ mother and the caretaker from the cottage next door is a visual delight and despite his misgivings he finds himself drawn to the fiercely independent woman and her children along with rest of Scallop shores characters who show him the true meaning of community. Dean is keeping secrets from Shannon but the one that threatens to divide them forever is not the one he’s worried about.

Shannon’s past experience has labelled men as untrustworthy and why should the sexy surfer guy next door be any different? Tough through necessity she always puts her children first. Dean’s reticence to be neighborly challenges Shannon she wants to know what he’s hiding. Dean makes Shannon question her choices and wonder what else she can have in her life. A spectre from the past threatens Shannon’s peace of mind.

The characters are interesting and you empathise with the dilemmas they face. The attraction Dean and Shannon feel is a surprise for both of them and its left to the wonderful cast of support characters to chivvy them into each other arms. Full of gentle twists and turns this is a page turning read I couldn’t put down until I’d finished.

Five of Hearts is the first Scallop Shore novel I have read. I ‘m definitely looking forward to the next one in the series.

I received an arc of Five of Hearts from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Five of Hearts by Jennifer DeCuir

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Five of Hearts

Jennifer DeCuir

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