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5* Review The Divorce Party Jennifer Hayward

The Divorce PartyFor those who haven’t read this winning entry from the 2012 So You Think You Can Write contest here’s what it’s about:

“You threw your fifty-thousand-dollar engagement ring off the Brooklyn Bridge?”

Lilly shows up to her lavish divorce party with one goal in mind—to leave as quickly as possible minus a husband! Except he has other plans…and Riccardo De Campo isn’t easy to say “no” to.

Forced back into Riccardo’s glittering, gossip-fueled world, the price of perfection is still too high and Lilly’s old insecurities resurface. An unexpected consequence of their reunion raises the stakes even higher, and the media’s golden couple must finally confront the truth behind the headlines.

My Review:

The Divorce Party gives the reader a unique, insider perspective on the De Campo’s glitzy Manhattan marriage. The characters of Lilly and Riccardo are outwardly glamorous but the glossy veneer hides insecurity, illness and resentment.

Lilly took drastic action to capture her sexy husband’s full attention. She ran away. The couple have barely spoken in their year apart and are only meeting now because Riccardo has thrown an elaborate divorce party and Lilly must attend if she wants her divorce.

The Divorce Party captures the bitchy, superficial nature of the tabloid gossip columns and society’s ‘beautiful’ people perfectly. Riccardo persuades Lilly to resurrect their marriage until he becomes CEO of De Campo wines. Reluctantly she agrees. Riccardo has a secret agenda which brings Lilly to breaking point.

The sensuality which binds the couple is palpable and the reason Riccardo really wants Lilly back in his life. Single minded and ruthless Riccardo ignores his effect on his wife and her emotional needs in true ‘Mr Darcy’ style.

Lilly is a strong, independent woman who left her home and family to become a successful physiotherapist in New York. Only the needs of her younger sister make her agree to Riccardo’s ultimatum. Can she survive Riccardo’s passionate nature and live the life of a trophy wife without compromising her health and self-esteem?

The Divorce Party is a poignant love story of sacrifice, secrets and love.

I won a copy of this book in an author giveaway .

The Divorce Party by Jennifer Hayward

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Divorce Party

Jennifer Hayward

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