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Writing Journey: Title for The Dragon Legacy #2 – Your Suggestions

I haven’t written a Writing Journey post for a while because  I’ve been planning and writing book two of The Dragon Legacy. This story is set in the Italian Lakes and Venice and features Jasmine  the feisty witch and Zane the wolf shifter from The Dragon Legacy.

The Dragon Legacy CoverI am running a poll to help me find the title for Jasmine and Zane’s adventure. The person who  suggests the title I like best will win an e-copy of The Dragon Legacy and a crackle handmade necklace as featured on my Pinterest board The Dragon Legacy Fleurcrystal necklace

I have included a couple of my own suggestions  but I am looking forward to  yours.

Poll runs until 28 February 2014.

Here’s an outline of the first chapter to help you decide:
Zane hasn’t seen Jasmine since their passionate encounter in Hallow House’s moonlit garden. After his abrupt departure Zane travels around the supernatural world spreading the news about the infant dragon. In Venice he meets Larna a dragon and sister of his friend Lukas the dragon lord.  After a night meeting with paranormal creatures Zane returns to Larna’s palazzo and discovers  she is locked in combat with an evil entity which looks alarmingly familiar.

Jasmine ‘s life has lost its sparkle  since Zane loved and left her. Moping is not in her nature so she continues to be the life force of Hallow House’s Murder Mystery weekends and clandestine paranormal activities. At night her sleep is filled with images of  Zane and their brief passionate encounter.  One night the dream changes Zane is in danger and Jasmine must find him.’©Jane Hunt 2014

I am blogging on the Crimson Frost Books Blog tomorrow 3 February  about how I chose the setting for Jasmine and Zane’s adventure ‘The Italian Lakes the Perfect Setting for Sexy Fantasy’


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