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5* Review Early One Morning Aubree Lane

He was the dark-haired deity with a salacious smile… he was the one the girls gossiped and giggled about for months… 2,600 miles away, Terence Javier didn’t have a clue his high school yearbook was being passed around an all-girl choir and that he had been voted, as one of the more experience girl put it, the one she would ‘most likely do.’

Thirteen years later Marissa Crandall, while on a romantic island vacation, celebrating her ten-year wedding anniversary, is shocked and surprised to find their dive master was none other than her old high school crush. Seeing the chance to fulfill an old dream, Marissa sets out to kiss Terence.

Stuck in San Diego, dealing with unreasonable clients and babysitting Marissa’s kids, a jealous Annie Harper catches the red-eye out of LAX wanting to intercept Terence and foil her best friend’s plans .

This envious act uncovers a scandalous affair, and in that one pivotal moment, none of their lives would ever be the same.’

My Review:
Early One Morning‘Early One Morning’ is a literary treat with realistic characters that draw you immediately into their lives and the story. The addictive plot kept me reading to see what happened next. The setting of the book in San Diego and Hawaii is charming and a welcome respite from the cold and rain of the UK winter.

I liked the story’s premise; meeting the school heart-throb years later and falling in love for real. The romance and passion in this story is engaging but the secrets from the past which are revealed and their effect on the characters’ present day relationships is intriguing and makes ‘Early One Morning’ a memorable page turner.

If you enjoy romantic intrigue full of passion and emotion read ‘Early One Morning’.

I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Early One Morning by Aubree Lane

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Early One Morning

Aubree Lane

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