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5* Review The Unraveling of Lady Fury Shehanne Moore

The Unraveling of Lady FuryThe Unraveling of Lady Fury is edgy historical romance distinctive and original.

Lady Fury is a delight. Outwardly strong and driven; safe behind her impenetrable shell which cloaks past hardship and abuse and a broken heart that bleeds whenever she thinks about her first lover. She is intelligent used to living on her wits to survive fate’s constant curve balls.

Captain Flint is an enigma whose piratical ways leave devastation in his wake from plundered treasure and ladies’ hearts. Image is everything especially where Lady Fury is concerned.

Closer acquaintance with this vibrant realistic pair and you see they are Yin and Yang different but vital for the other to flourish.

Lady Fury must produce the Beaumont heir and secure her future. Thrown into the middle of an unusual talent contest where Fury vets the potential donors the reader empathises with her predicament. Like so many of her sisters she must barter her body and freedom to avoid destitution.

Flint reappearance throws Fury’s life into disarray. He took her innocence and her heart and left her empty and desolate.

Flint offers his services for a price. Can Fury risk her heart again? Only if Flint obeys her rules designed to strip the procreative act of romance, sensuality and ecstasy. Does she succeed? Read the book you won’t be disappointed.

Laced with sharp humour the dialogue entertains. Plot changes make it an absorbing read and a refreshing insight on Regency romance.

The Unraveling of Lady Fury by Shehanne Moore

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Unraveling of Lady Fury

Shehanne Moore
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