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5* Review The Rogue’s Proposal Jennifer Haymore

The Rogue's Proposal (House of Trent, #2)The Rogue’s Proposal number two in the House of Trent series is the first of Jennifer Haymore’s novels I have read and I’m hooked.

The Rogue’s proposal is a tale of adventure in life and love. Luke is tortured rake. Emma is guilt ridden because her naivety inadvertently caused the ruin and impoverishment of her family. They form an unlikely alliance uncaring of propriety to discover the whereabouts of Luke’s mother and Emma’s family fortune. Unexpected complications and internal demons threaten their happiness and their lives.

A great page turning read it has all the elements I love in a historical romance; historical detail intricately woven into an intriguing plot and believable characters that ignite with burning sensuality as their emotional journey progresses.

I received a copy of this e-book from Forever (Grand Central Publishing) via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

The Rogue’s Proposal by Jennifer Haymore

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Rogue's Proposal (House of Trent, #2)

Jennifer Haymore

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4* Review Christmas At Thornton Hall Lynn Marie Hulsman

Christmas at Thornton HallWhen I read the blurb for Christmas at Thornton Hall I was intrigued.

Juliet is a professional chef with a clientele that includes the rich and famous. Life seems perfect; right down to the designer corporate lawyer boyfriend who appears to be on the verge of popping the question. Then she discovers her boyfriend isn’t exclusive and realises her house of cards is built on shaky foundations.

Christmas alone seems unavoidable so when she is offered a live in job at a country house she jumps at the chance even though it will bring her up close and personal with the residential chef Edward and the man who hired her Jasper the lord of the manor in waiting. Will she survive Christmas?

There are a host of supporting characters who are realistic and enhance the story and a plot with some surprising twists and turns. Christmas at Thornton  Hall is a story of country house cuisine and living, self realisation and saucy romance, an enjoyable festive read.

I received a copy of this e-book from Harper Collins Harper Impulse via NetGalley in return for an honest review.

Christmas at Thornton Hall by Lynn Marie Hulsman

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Christmas at Thornton Hall
Lynn Marie Hulsman

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The Dragon Legacy Release Day Blitz

20 December 2013 – Official Release Day of:

The Dragon Legacy by Jane Hunt from Crimson Frost Books.

Masked by murder mystery an apocalyptic battle rages.

The Dragon Legacy CoverWhen emotionally fragile Fleur Curwen decides she wants excitement in her boring life she signs up for a Murder Mystery Weekend in the wilds of the English Lake District. She enters a paranormal world where danger and death are common occurrences.

Demon slayer Lukas Draco is a loner. He lives by two simple rules: No emotional entanglements and duty must remain his first priority. His beliefs are challenged when he’s inexplicably drawn to Fleur, a human woman with an unusual psychic aura. Sparks of sexual attraction ignite threatening both his search for the dragon’s egg he buried a thousand years ago and Fleur’s life. Under the cover of a murder mystery weekend an apocalyptic hunt begins’

Available from:
Amazon UK


‘The Dragon Legacy by Jane Hunt is an atmospheric work of art… This page turner of a paranormal romance with its twist, beautiful imagery, hot scenes, and a great ending makes for a terrific read. I can’t wait to read more of Ms. Hunt’s books.’Anastasia Ryan

‘The passion burns between them as white-hot as a passion involving dragon magic should… I give The Dragon Legacy 4.5 stars out of five. It’s a terrific read, and I hope it’s the start of a writing legacy from Jane Hunt. I had to go back and double-check that this was her debut novel, which it is; I wouldn’t have thought it from this book.’ Mac Rome.

‘This is the type of story that you’d better be prepared to buckle up ‘cause it’s a fast, schmexy ride… Fast-paced paranormal romance with twists and turns, lots of interesting snippets, lyrical prose, HOT sexy scenes, and a happy ending!’ Sweet & Spicy Tales.

‘The Dragon Legacy starts off with sizzle and a heap of intrigue that has you page turning at a frantic pace. This isn’t a Whodunnit? but more of a ‘What the heck are they and will they survive?’ Tracey Rogers

‘The story is dark, the romance intense. If you’re looking for a different world to escape into, pick this book for a page-turning read.’ Fiona Chapman

Contact information:
Contact author Jane Hunt via her website: – Jane Hunt Writer or

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12 December 2013- 10 January 2014

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Countdown to Release Without Doubt CJ Azevedo

CJ Azevedo’s Without Doubt is the second standalone novel in the Without Series and releases Friday, January 3rd 2014.

Without Doubt ECOVER-Cj Azevedo-high   Ava Sterling is tough and the most straight-laced girl you will ever meet. Her family and her past have managed to alter her future permanently and she has no desire to allow anyone else into her life or her heart for fear of rejection or further altering. Ava is alone in the world with the exception of the grandest responsibility she did not create on her own but on her own she will carry for the rest of her life.

Declan James is a MMA fighter, party all night kind of guy. Responsibility is nowhere to be found in his life or so he allows everyone around him to believe. Coming from wealth and a carefree lifestyle, Declan gets what he wants, always. And what he wants is Ava. In his pursuit of getting what he wants, Ava in his bed, his plan changes quickly without his consent. Against his plans of being the next hot bachelor to cross the tabloids as he makes his way to being the Ultimate Light Heavyweight Champion, Declan falls in love. He falls in love without hesitation and without doubt.

Neither Declan nor Ava are aware that fate has inconveniently intertwined their lives forever. Will they be able to survive the aftermath of the truth?

Add on Goodreads

CJ Azevedo

CJ has lived all over the state of California, Central, South, North and finally landing back somewhere in the middle. She married the boy she fell for when she was only eleven years old and together they have two beautiful heathens. CJ obviously loves to read and write. She can watch the Giant’s play baseball but hates football. She bakes when she’s sad, runs when she’s mad and dances when she’s happy (even if she can’t find a rhythm to save her life) If you’re looking for her and can’t seem to find her, look on the staircase, it’s her favorite spot to read.

Connect with CJ:




Now for an excerpt from Without Doubt which is an adult read:

Ava sits up and straddles her legs on either side of my waist and takes a deep breath. “I hated everything about tonight.”
“About my fight?” I ask because I’m not sure I’m following her. Is she upset about Ashton or my reaction to them being together at the fight? She nods her head without looking at me so I sit up and wrap my arms around her. “I’m fine, babe. I’m really good at what I do, the chances of me getting really hurt are slim.”
She pops her head up quickly and narrows her eyes at me. “There is nothing funny about this, Declan! You scared the shit out of me!!” she exclaims just before punching me in the arm.
“Ow! What was that for?” I rub out the little sting on my bicep while mostly holding back a laugh, but I can’t hide my smile.
She quiets down but her eyes are terrified. “He kicked you in the head,” she whispers so softly I can hardly hear her. I have to laugh; I can’t help it.
“He kicked me in my head?” Did this surprise her?
“YES! Do you not remember that?” Her response is pure fear and I hate that I put that look on her face and that feeling in her heart.
“Yeah, I remember, Sunshine.” I smooth her hair away from her face and kiss her soundly. “I should have explained things to you, on how the fights work, what to expect. I would have if I knew you were going to show up, but I honestly thought that you were dead set against ever coming to one.”
Ava sighs. “I was, but then I felt like I wasn’t supporting you by not being there for you and I didn’t want you thinking that.”
I guide her backwards so she’s lying down with her head at the foot of the bed. I lean forward and slip my hands up her smooth thighs, placing small, lingering kisses along the way. My hands reach her hips and I’m reminded that she’s only wearing a nightie. “Hmmm, I love you so much. You are the sexiest woman I have ever known, Sunshine.” My hot breath whispers across her hip bones and over the skin just above her panty line (if she were wearing any). “I love the way you care about things other people don’t even take the time to think about.” My tongue draws a line up her abdomen, following her rising nightie. Her breathing has changed; it’s harsher and more rapid and I can’t get enough of it. My tongue swirls around her navel. “You make me so happy,” I kiss along her rib cage, “no matter what,” my tongue runs underneath her breast, “you don’t ever have to see another fight,” I kiss between her cleavage and slip her nightie off as I drag the tip of my nose to her ear, “just please don’t be upset over what I do. Don’t worry. Please? I need you, Ava, I need you like the air I breathe.” My tongue slides on the outer rim of her ear and I place a delicate kiss to her temple. I’m on top of her in a second, my elbows on either side of her head. My mouth connects with hers and although she has tears streaming down her face, there is no hesitation in her kiss.
Ava makes me feel like the word “love” was established just for us. Her and I. Me and her. I know that I would do anything for her, even become a damn accountant if that’s what she wished for on a bright, shining star. I would. It would be the toughest thing to possibly imagine but it wouldn’t be impossible. Surviving the loss of my relationship with her? That would be impossible.

ACSToursLogo I am participating in the Without Doubt Blog tour which runs from January 6th-10th 2014.  I am looking forward to reading Without Doubt and my review will be posted here on 6th January 2014.WithoutDoubtBlogTourBanner

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5* Review Best Fake Day Tracey Rogers

I’m reviewing ‘Best Fake Day’ today here’s the blurb:Best Fake Day
Faking it never felt so good.
Wedding photographer and romance lover Izzy Latham dreams of finding her own happily ever after. When her former teenage crush arrives at her doorstep, looking sexier than ever, and asks to marry her, it should be her dream come true, right? Wrong. It turns out he doesn’t want to actually marry her—he only wants to pretend to marry her.
Marriage hater Jack Carter will do anything to close his latest business deal, including finding a wife. The only person who can help him is his childhood friend, Izzy. Except Izzy isn’t a little girl anymore. She’s definitely all woman, and there’s an attraction between them that’s hard to ignore.
Jack has to convince Izzy to fake it, but the problem is that she hates to lie. However, she can’t deny her feelings for him either. So when Jack makes her an offer she can’t refuse, she reluctantly agrees to help him out.
Faking it is the easy part. But what happens when fake starts to feel so real?
Content Warning: contains sensual sex and occasional strong language

Buy Links:

Beachwalk Press

My Review:

Best Fake Day

Tracey Rogers’ latest release Best Fake Day is another 5* read with humorous dialogue and sizzling sex there is nothing fake about the readability of this tender love story.

Izzy Latham is the lynchpin of her once ‘perfect’ family. She has put aside her own happiness to help her talented but highly strung sister and grieving father. When Jack crashes back into her life she wonders if he has come back for her but he hasn’t.

Talked into a ‘fake’ wedding, despite her inherent honesty, to repay her sister’s debt Izzy finds her chance of a happy ever after drifting away. Izzy is likeable and easy to empathise with as she realises honesty is a grey area when your happiness is at a stake.

Jack Carter’s life appears idyllic a successful model turned entrepreneur he has his pick of beautiful woman but his glitzy life masks the pain and resentment of a difficult childhood. He knows he is bad news for Izzy but she is only one who can help him and he can’t resist the burn of the electricity that sparks between them even if it’s only once. Their fake day reveals deep emotions and unveils secrets that force him to reconsider his life plan.

Best Fake Day is an enjoyable read with a heart rendering twist you don’t expect.

Here’s an Excerpt:

‘ “Let me work off the money,” Izzy said.
She felt Jack’s gaze rake over her body, watched the clench of his jaw. “And how are you planning to work it off, Isabel?” he almost growled. “Is that what all of this is about?” he asked as his hand made an indicating sweep over her body. “Dress to impress so you can pay me in kind?”
“Oh God, no,” she spluttered. “This is me showing you I’m not the weak, naïve girl I used to be and I won’t be pushed around!”
The hard glint in his eyes softened slightly. “You were never weak. Naïve…” He trailed off. “So how exactly were you planning to pay me back?”
“Working here for you for free until I pay you back. I could collect glasses, work the bar, or clean.”
“And you have experience in any of those roles?”
“No. But I could learn.”
“But what about the house repairs?”
She shrugged. “I could do that during the daytime and work here at night. Then when I’m earning again from my day job I’ll pay you back.”
“And what exactly is your day job?”
“I’m a photographer. I could even do that here. Take photographs of the patrons and sell them for you.”
“You work freelance?”
“I have my own business.” She hesitated before elaborating. “As a wedding photographer,” she said quickly, hoping he wouldn’t snag the teasing opportunity.
Too late. The corner of his mouth quirked until it bloomed until a grin. “A wedding photographer. How appropriate. I knew playing dress-up with your mother’s veil and having teddy bears as your guests would have an influence on you one day.”
“You mean like wanting to have a traditional wedding where the groom doesn’t have to bribe the bride? Yeah, my childhood messed me up real bad,” she said with sarcasm.
“You’re not working here, Izzy. And this conversation is over.”
“No, it’s not. I’m giving you a solution to paying off what I owe. I’ll work off the amount Ellie paid for our debts and the rest you get from her. So when do I start?”
“You are not working here.”
“Do you really want to have some guy groping you as you serve drinks? Or a group of guys? I run a tight ship and look out for my staff, but sometimes it happens.”
“I can look after myself. I have been groped before, you know. I can deal with it.”
He slid his chair closer, bending his legs so hers surrounded him without touching, but close, very close. He looked up at her under dark lashes. “So if some guy puts a hand on your leg you wouldn’t mind?”
She shook her head.
“And if that hand strayed beneath your dress?” he asked as his hand reached out to graze the sensitive skin of her inner thigh, making her shudder.
She shook her head slowly, earning a dark look. Of course she would mind. But this was Jack.
He stood abruptly, stepping into the v of her thighs. “And if a guy tried to kiss you?”
“I have been kissed before, remember?” she said, inwardly cringing at how breathless she sounded.
“I remember being a boy kissing you as a girl. If I were to kiss you now I wouldn’t be holding back and I wouldn’t be kissing you as a boy—I’d be kissing you as a man.”
“Then do it,” she demanded.’

Best Fake DayBest Fake Day by Tracey Rogers

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Tracey Rogers

Also read Daring to Wish which I also gave 5*

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3* Review Of Echoes of Balance Cally Ryanne

Echoes of Balance (The Ways Trilogy, #1)Echoes of Balance’ is a young adult novel and its fast-paced,simple writing style should appeal to readers of that genre.

Chloe is a supernatural being who doesn’t age and exists to work towards achieving a perfect balance in the natural world. Part of a dynasty of similar creatures, the Naimei exists to maintain the balance between nature and nurture.

The high school setting relies on the precedent of successful paranormal series that have preceded Echoes of Balance but it does bring a unique twist.

For me the story lacked the necessary world building I require in fantasy/paranormal stories and because of this I found it difficult to connect with the characters that seemed a little stereotypical.

Other young adult stories I have read gave me this and I connected with the characters even though it is back in the mists of time since I was a young adult.

I like the concept of ‘The Ways’ and look forward to more insight into its workings as the series progresses.

I received an ARC from the publisher in return for an honest review,

Echoes of Balance by Cally Ryanne

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Echoes of Balance (The Ways Trilogy, #1)

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