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5* Review Something Wicked Angela Campbell

Something Wicked
‘Something Wicked’ the second book in Angela Campbell’s psychic detective series is darker but still includes a strong romance and plenty of the delightful humour which characterised the first book in the series ‘On the Scent’.

The characters are engaging. Alexandra is independent but vulnerable in ways not immediately obvious to Dylan or the reader. Dylan is alpha but full of contradictions which make him likeable. As the animals were the stars in ‘On the Scent’ it is Charleston’s ghosts who make this an enchanting read even for skeptics.

Strong-minded psychic medium Alexandra pursues Dylan Collins estranged brother of Zach her boss in Charleston at the behest Rebecca their dead mother. Charleston’s numerous ghosts exhaust Alexandra with their multiple demands. The local bar famed for its ghosts witnesses a serendipitous meeting between Alexandra and Dylan set up by the mischievous resident ghost. The sexual tension is red-hot.

Dylan Collins a successful homicide detective has cut his older brother from his life. On the trail of a suspected serial killer Dylan discovers Alexandra is the psychic consult on the case after she supplies vital evidence on the latest murder. A psychic skeptic Dylan pushes Alexandra away.

The plot is complex and fast paced. Alexandra realises she is on the serial killer’s hit list. Dark paranormal forces stalk Alexandra which creates a nail-biting climax to the story. Plausibly written ‘Something Wicked’ has elements of a paranormal psychological thriller without the graphic blood and gore.

The anticipated reconciliation between the brothers contributes to a satisfying conclusion as does the happy for now ending for Alexandra and Dylan.

I’m hooked on the series and its characters.

I received an ARC from Harper Collins UK HarperImpulse via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Something Wicked by Angela Campbell

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Something Wicked

On the Scent

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