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Writing Journey Post -National Novel Writing Month NaNoWriMo

Yesterday National Novel Writing Month got underway. I am taking part with my historical novel Past Shadows. I have made a good start my word count after two days is 5533. I’m hoping to maintain my momentum as I would like to finish Past Shadows before the end of November so I can begin the sequel to The Dragon Legacy – Jasmine and Zane’s story.

Here’s  what Past Shadows is about:

‘Major Justin Bracken assumes control of his ailing father’s cotton mill amid rumours of atrocity and cruelty. Shadowed with grief widowed vicar’s daughter Lucinda returns to her childhood home determined to improve the lives of the women and children who work in the mill.
A fire at the mill implicates Lucinda who refuses to defend herself when she clashes with Justin whom she has admired from afar. Angered by her behaviour Justin gives into his baser desires and proposes Lucinda becomes his secret mistress in return for his protection and against the consequences of her actions. Lucinda isn’t guilty but agrees if Justin promises to improve the working conditions at the mill.
Justin regrets his behaviour when he discovers Lucinda’s innocence.  He needs her forgiveness and becomes her ally but is his love enough to save her from the evil that surround them.’