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5* Review: The Trouble with Mojitos Romy Sommer

The Trouble with MojitosSet on islands shrouded in superstition and legend The Trouble with Mojitos is a romantic sensual read.

Rik’s tattoos, long hair and beard catapult him to the top of Kenzie’s men to avoid list until she discovers they are a disguise rather than a statement.

Kenzie’s serial bad judgement regards men means she is a disappointment to her mother and lives in her family orientated brother’s shadow. Vulnerable, honest and loyal Kenzie is likeable she wants to be respected for her life choices and not seen as a failure by those who should support her. Her latest job as a film location scout is make or break so she puts aside her mistrust of Rik and lets him be her exclusive tour guide.

Sexy and troubled Rik seeks the islands’ anonymity whilst he salvages his train wreck of a life. At an all time low when he meets Kenzie he can’t resist helping her. Determined she will succumb to their mutual attraction.

Vividly descriptive you feel the Caribbean humidity, visualise the crystal blue sea and scent the dense forest greenery. Kenzie and Rik’s make creative use of their idyllic surroundings when their volatile chemistry explodes into sensual loving.

Rik faces his past and keeps Kenzie at his side. My sigh of relief proves premature. The penultimate plot twist reveals Kenzie’s destructive past secrets.

The romantic ending is true Hollywood and a final unexpected twist paves the way for a further chapter of this modern fairytale.

‘I received an ARC from Harper Collins UK HarperImpulse via NetGalley in return for an honest review.’

The Trouble with Mojitos by Romy Sommer

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Trouble with Mojitos

Romy Sommer

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