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Author Interview: Christy Newton

Today I  would like to welcome Christy NewtonChristy 014 Author of Stolen Hearts, Begin Again  and Something to Treasure  to  First Steps .

Last Friday I  gave a 5* review to Begin Again published by Crimson Romance.

Here’s the blurb:Begin Again Cover

‘What if one night changed your life forever?
Maisie Scott lost not only her husband and unborn child in a tornado two years ago she lost her will to live. Keeping busy is the only way she can get by. This small town waitress won’t let herself get attached to anyone…until Ryan, the new veterinarian for exotic animals, starts making regular trips to her diner. As hard as she tries not to feel anything, Ryan ignites a spark in her broken heart.
Ryan Tucker craves a happy family of his own more than his Momma’s apple pie. Getting over his fiancée leaving him six months ago, he moves to Pleasant Valley for a fresh start. When he meets Maisie and notices the sadness in her eyes he is determined to put a smile on her pretty face. What starts out as innocent flirting turns into two people finding something they no longer want to live without? The problem is Maisie has deep scars inside and out. Showing Ryan that part of her may just be too painful.
When another dangerous storm hits, Ryan stays by Maisie’s side. She fills the missing piece in his heart, but will Ryan share his secret? Can Maisie move on from the past and learn to begin again?’

Now to find out some interesting facts about Christy 🙂

What influenced your career choice as a writer?

My brother encouraged me to keep going with my story. My love of books also helped.

What would you like your potential readers to know about Christy Newton?

I enjoy creating stories that evoke emotions in people.

What inspired you to write your debut novel ‘Stolen Hearts’?

My first characters came to me in a dream so strong that the next morning I got up and just started typing.

Where do you create your wonderful characters and stories?

Mostly in my tiny office. Sometimes on my sofa in the living room.

What is your favourite time of day to write?

Anytime inspiration strikes. It could be early morning or late at night. I just go with it.

Tell us a little about ‘Begin Again’.

Begin Again is a sweet contemporary romance about starting over and second chances.

As a new author have you any tips for other new writers?

Study the craft. Read, read, read!

Can you tell us about the other books you’ve written?

Stolen Hearts and Something To Treasure are part of my More Than Treasure Series. They are both romantic suspense and are filled with adventure.

Where can your readers connect with you on social media?




Where can we buy ‘Begin Again’?

Barnes & Noble

Thanks  Christy.

BA Teaser

Tomorrow I have an Interview with the  charming Ryan Tucker the exotic animal vet from Begin Again 🙂


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