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5* Review: Begin Again Christy Newton

Begin Again

Begin Again is a sweet, poignant small town romance which is a pleasure to read.

Maisie is an island cut off from the world and her family as she grieves for the loss of husband and unborn child in a horrific tornado two years previously. She works long hours at the local diner and lives in her sister’s basement. She has little hope of enjoying life and finding love again. Physically scarred from the tornado she shies away from intimacy but it is her mental scars and self loathing she must overcome to live again.

Emotionally damaged Ryan Tucker moves to the small town in Indiana for a new start as the local exotic animal vet. His love of apple pie draws him to the local diner where he meets Maisie a beautiful woman with sad green eyes. He vows to make her smile and the charming romance begins.

Maisie attracts empathy and loyalty. The internal conflict is believable and increases your support of Maisie in her quest to overcome the past. Ryan is charming and caring and every inch the dashing hero but as the story progresses you realise he isn’t perfect either. This increases his charm and makes him real.

The support cast of characters in the diner and Maisie and Ryan’s respective families enhance the story and reinforce the ethos of small town living. The animals featured are characters in their own right and give the story instant appeal.

A plot with numerous twists interwoven with well-developed characters makes you care and keeps you turning the pages.

The traditional values of this story are given a contemporary slant and reflect the distinctive voice of the author it is easy to read and hard to put down…

Begin Again by Christy Newton

My rating: 5 of 5 star

Begin Agains

Christy Newton

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