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5* Review The Boy Who Spoke to God Randa Handler

The Boy Who Spoke to God by Randa Handler

Beautifully illustrated ‘The Boy Who Spoke to God’ will appeal to the primary school age group it is intended for. The story told as a fairytale makes the important message of racial harmony and religious tolerance in modern society easy to absorb.

The story describes a multicultural society living in harmony. This allows them to improve the population’s health and abolish poverty by supporting the community’s economy. Their world is perfect except for the different religious celebrations and holidays, which cause discord. The story makes the important point; it is the children who suffer most when society becomes dysfunctional.

The revealing conversation between Niko a young Greek boy and his friends show the children understand the problem better than the adults. Niko is encouraged by his parents to ask God how their multicultural society can live in harmony. God appears to Niko in a dream. His message; people can practice different religions without disharmony if they respect the right of others to hold different beliefs. Niko’s dream is interpreted in different ways by each of the different religious groups and he becomes an outcast. Everyone wants to be right. It is not until his final dream Niko is able to make the adults understand god is perceived differently by every individual and this diversity should be accepted and celebrated in all societies.

This book would be an excellent learning tool to help answer a child’s question of what god looks like and to demonstrate in an easy understandable way the importance of diversity in our world.

I was given a copy of this book by the author in return for an honest review.

The Boy Who Spoke to God by Randa Handler

The Boy Who Spoke to God by Randa Handler

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

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