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5* Review The Keepers: Archer Rae Rivers

The Keepers: ArcherThe Keepers: Archer is an exciting book combining modern paranormal themes with excellent storytelling and the added complication of forbidden love. The expert weaving of action and dialogue never gives the reader time to relax.

The first book in a trilogy it successfully builds the paranormal world where the action, romance and stories take place. A page turner, which could easily be read in one go but to fully understand the paranormal world of ‘The Keepers and Witches’ I recommend a slower perusal.

Some ideas were alluded to but not fully explained in this first book. Whilst this is momentarily frustrating for the reader it is essential in a series whose overriding story isn’t concluded until the last line of the last book.

Sienna is a contemporary woman, the modern face of an ancient legacy of witches. She is a dichotomy; the powerful witch with a vulnerable heart. It is this susceptibility which threatens her well-being and the safety of those she cares for. She is an easy character to like as she strives to accept her fate.

Archer is the protector every woman dreams of; sexy, witty and fiercely loyal. His brothers and fellow Keepers Declan and Ethan are equally gorgeous and I can’t wait to see more of them in the next two books.

The sexual tension between Sienna and Archer is well written and the love scenes are sensual.

The antagonist is an important component of the story. Warrick the evil Warlock lives up to this potential and I defy you not to hate him by the end of the story.
The ending is action packed and notable as is the lead onto the next adventure.

If you like modern paranormal romance this is definitely for you.
The prequel The Keepers: Sienna is out 26 September 2013. I can’t wait to read and find out more about Sienna and her Keepers.

The Keepers: Archer

The Keepers: Archer by Rae Rivers

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

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