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5* Review Twice Tempted by Susan Arden

Twice Tempted (Bad Boys Don't Drink The Water)I really enjoyed ‘Tempted by Trouble’ by Susan Arden and even though ‘Twice Tempted‘ is the second in the ‘Bad Boys Don’t Drink The Water’ series, chronologically it occurs first.
This is a secret baby story with lots of originality. Cynthia (Sam’s) baby is secret from the father after an erotic one night but also from Cynthia’s father whose domineering ways she is determined to escape.
The story is told in two halves. Cynthia and Rob first meet when she becomes the newest Vice President of her father’s international travel company. Despite her mature business head Cynthia is an emotional novice and is totally blown away by Rob’s sophistication and bad boy persona. A series of life events and misunderstandings ensure Cynthia and Rob’s encounter is a one-off.
Part two of the story takes place four years later when Rob and Cynthia meet unexpectedly and Rob’s discovers Cynthia or Sam’s as he calls her devastating secret.
This is a story full of emotion, interesting and easy to read. The conflict increases with each page turned and leaves you drained. Well written erotic romantic scenes and a happy ever after which hangs in the balance until the end, make this a worthwhile read.
I would recommend this to lovers of well written emotional, erotic romance.

Twice Tempted by Susan Arden

Twice Tempted (Bad Boys Don't Drink The Water)

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Susan Arden

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