The Dragon Legacy 24 January 2014 Release Date

Dragon Legacy

I am so excited to announce ‘The Dragon Legacy’ will be released by Crimson Frost Books on 24 January 2014.

Emotionally fragile Fleur craves excitement. Will a murder mystery weekend satisfy her desire?

A serendipitous meeting with a mystery man leads naive Fleur into a  dangerous, mystical world hidden amid the dark wild hills of the English Lake District. Passion hotter than a dragon’s breath ignites. Dragons, demons wolves and witches clash in apocalyptic battles.

Abducted Fleur becomes an unwitting pawn in the demon’s revenge against the dragon lord. In a horrific battle for survival Fleur must overcome her inner fears and outwit the demon to have the life she wants with Lukas………

Dragon and demon slayer Lukas Draco must find the last dragon egg buried a millennium ago in the shadow of Helvellyn. The survival of humanity depends on his mission’s success.

Lukas a loner, fights the magnetic pull of Fleur’s unusual aura. Torn. His emotions threaten his rationality. If Fleur is his soul mate she must survive in his paranormal world. Fiery passion erupts from dark despair and throws the mismatched pair into intimate contact. The integrity of his mission threatened Lukas must choose. The dragon egg or his soul mate….

© Jane Hunt 31 July 2013

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Jane x


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