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5* Review ‘Once Upon A Twist’ Aimee Duffy and Michelle Smart


I have always loved fairy-tales. Cinderella and Little Red Riding Hood are given a modern interpretation by Michelle and Aimee which makes entertaining reading. Their independent heroines Ella and Red lead the way in this twenty-first century makeover of these ancient tales.

‘Glass Slippers and Combat Boots.’ Zombie like creatures invade the prince’s ball with predictably disastrous results. Only Ella has the guts and intelligence to save the kingdom from extinction. This story has everything you would expect from the living dead,plenty of gore and horror. This is skillfully tempered withย  hot romance and dry humour. All I can say is poor ‘Scratchy’ As you can see I got very involved with the story.

‘Reunited with Red’ is full of suspense and danger. Aimee’s writing transports you to the dark wood with danger round every corner. The themes of this story are contemporary but they fit well with the original tale.Steamy love scenes and lots of fast paced action make this story well worth reading.

Wonder what they can do with ‘Snow White’?”””



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