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Animal Friends and a Walk in the Sunshine Sunday May 26 2013

Writers and their animal friends seem to be a recurring theme in blogs at the moment. Since I currently have two wonderful animals sharing my life I thought I would introduce them to you and share a few recent photographs I have taken.

I took these pictures of Tom this afternoon after Jazz ,Vince and I returned from a lovely walk in the sunshine. Not to be outdone he was doing a little sunbathing himself. At fourteen Tom is still full of surprises. He has always enjoyed sitting in planters but this is the funniest to date. 🙂

2013-05-26 15.23.00Jazz my border collie/German shepherd  is nearly nine and my constant companion. He always walks and runs at least three times further than we do. Hence his exhaustion when he gets home. 🙂

Jazz needs a snooze after his walk.

As the writers among you will know writing is a solitary occupation having Jazz and Tom around to share my day is wonderful.

Whilst we  walked I took a few photographs of things and places that caught my interest.  Ancient caves were my most exciting discovery. Just how I imagined the caves  in ‘The Dragon Legacy’ .

Reminded me of the cave entrance in 'The Dragon Legacy'.
Reminded me of the cave entrance in ‘The Dragon Legacy’.

Check out ‘The Dragon Legacy ‘board on my Pinterest for more pictures of the caves.

Here are a few more things I saw. I never cease to be amazed how lovely the countryside is a short walk from my house. 🙂

Old railway bridge
Old railway bridge
Lovely houses hidden in the trees
Lovely houses hidden in the trees
Baby ducks explore in the sunshine.
Baby ducks explore in the sunshine.

Hope you had a lovely Sunday Jx

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My 5 * Review of ‘Blood Roses’ by Lindsay J Pryor

Blood-Roses-bites-No.1   Blood-Roses-bites-Intro1Blood-Roses-bites-No.2

I love Lindsay J Pryor’s ‘Blackthorn’. The first book in the series ‘Blood Shadows’ captured my interest. Book number two ‘Blood Roses’ is compelling. The story does stand alone as an episode of life in ‘Blackthorn’ but for maximum enjoyment meet Kane and Caitlin in ‘Blood Shadows’ first.

Leila is a complex character; devoted sister,lonely woman and Serryn a special kind of witch who hates the vampire race. Her blood kills vampires painfully shortly after feeding. Leila is unwillingly lured into ‘Blackthorn’ after a distressed call from her sister Alisha. The downward spiral continues from there.

Caleb lives by his own rules after earning a deadly reputation for killing Serryn witches.His attitude and sadistic streak make him an anti hero.You should hate him for what he is and what he does.It is his stunning sexuality and well hidden compassion that make him worth saving. His reasons for hating Serryn witches are personal and create an impenetrable barrier which Leila will have to climb if she is to save herself and their future together. Leila may appear to be subjugated by Caleb’s will but I think she is the strongest character.

The plot has many twists and turns which allow Caleb and Leila’s story to unfold whilst giving tantalising clues about what might happen in ‘Blackthorn’ in the future.The world building is so clever you  are surrounded by it.

I am eagerly awaiting the next book in the series ‘Blood Torn’.

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