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Social Media

‘A social media presence is an integral part of succeeding as a writer‘.

Is this statement true? I don’t have the definitive answer. If I did, I could join the increasing number of people writing about ‘how to improve your social media success’.  These are simply my thoughts on the subject and how it has affected me as an aspiring author.

The popularity of the ‘e book’ has been phenomenal. This publishing revolution has fueled the concept that all writers need an active social media presence to become  successful. Many established authors believe social media to be important. If their presence on ‘Twitter‘,’Facebook‘ and the ever-present ‘blog’ is any indication.

So with this in mind as I struggled with the rewrites to my first book and finishing my second;  I decided to update my social media. I intended this to be a pleasant diversion not the overriding obsession it threatened to become.

‘Twitter’ was  my first dabble into the world of social media. When I decided to write again last year I started an account to  follow publishers and find out what was happening in the writing world. It has become ‘my guilty pleasure’. I have met so many interesting writers; reading and responding to tweets.  Many of whom I now consider friends.Writing is a solitary occupation, part of the attraction for me. but I do enjoy having spontaneous chats with like-minded people when I need a break from my imagination.

I had always shied away from  ‘Facebook’. My kids have ‘Facebook’ and they certainly didn’t want me  encroaching on their territory.  Last year I opened an account just for me, to connect with organisations of interest. A couple of weeks ago I decided to open up my account and find some of my ‘Twitter’ friends. I am so glad I did. Google+ followed and finally my current favourite ‘Pinterest.’ I was so absorbed that I nearly forgot  to write. So for me having a social media presence is no hardship. The downside is the time it takes to be current.

Writers need to be accessible to their readers. As a reader my favourite authors are those that connect with me and I am always happy to publicise their work.

A writer will only be successful if they write well. Social media contain important tools  to support the writer along their journey from links on the craft of writing to advertising the finished book.

I am really interested to know what you think? Please leave a comment below.

Jane x