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‘The Dragon Legacy’

2013-04-30 16.33.28

‘The Dragon Legacy’ was my entry for last year’s ‘SYTYCW’ competition run by Harlequin/Mills&Boon. It was also the first novel I’d written for twelve years. I really enjoyed the whole experience especially the fantastic group of writers that I met there. Many of whom are now Twitter and Facebook friends.

My entry didn’t final and wasn’t picked up by the editors but I did have some really useful feedback from other writers. The main consensus was that I had built my paranormal world well but that I had too many characters in the first chapter and it was difficult to identify the hero and heroine. I took this feedback on board and re wrote the first three chapters with these comments in mind.

In January this year I decided ‘The Dragon Legacy’ was ready for submission and I entered a Twitter pitch for Crimson Romance. I was asked to send my full manuscript.  After just over a month I received a standard rejection letter and was gutted. However this is all new to me so I wanted to treat it as a learning experience.I emailed back and politely asked for feedback. The feedback I received was that I had made a number of beginner mistakes in my submission.

One of the suggestions to correct this was to find a  critique partner. I had read numerous articles on the writers’ craft but I have to confess I didn’t understand all that was said. A chance conversation on Twitter with one of my writer friends led to her offering to read ‘The Dragon Legacy’. Her enthusiasm and suggestions made me decide to rewrite parts of the manuscript. It seems I was a typical head hopper for Point Of View (POV) something my rewrite has rectified.

I am much happier with the story now and hope to find it a home in the coming months.

Dragon Legacy

I have a Facebook page for ‘The Dragon Legacy’ and a Google+ page called ‘My Books’ so I have decided to post parts of the synopsis and snippets from ‘The Dragon Legacy’ there in the next few weeks. My hope is that people will check them out and let me know what they think. Some of you will know that I love Pinterest and there are links on both pages to my Pinterest board for ‘The Dragon Legacy’.

Here is   snippet from Chapter 1 …. not posted elsewhere.

Absorbed in her appraisal Fleur didn’t see Lukas slant a glance in her direction. The look of rapt absorption, he surprised on her face stilled his breath. She was looking at him hungrily, as if he was a delicacy she would love to taste. The sound of his blood thundering echoed in his head. His eyes flared with passion as arousal exploded in every inch of his body.The uncomfortable tightness of his designer jeans; a testimony to his body’s readiness to act.

Belatedly he realised he’d stopped talking in mid sentence. Jasmine was looking at him expectantly in the rear view mirror, her green eyes full of laughter. What was he saying? The power of speech had deserted him. His body unconsciously leaned into Fleur’s, anxious to give her, what her eyes said she wanted. No. Not here. Not her. Fleur was too innocent for him.’

Watch out for the snippets and let me know what you think. 🙂

J x

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‘Blood Roses’ Lindsay J Pryor Release Day 26 April 2013


The next exciting foray into  Lindsay J Pryor’s BLACKTHORN is available today with the release of the second book in the series ‘BLOOD ROSES’. This is Caleb and Leila’s story and it promises to be as enthralling as Kane and Caitlin explosive encounter in ‘BLOOD SHADOWS‘.

Leila is a serryn a witch whose blood is poisonous to vampires. Her secret, places her in a life threatening situation when she is lured into Blackthorn to save her sister.


Caleb is an omnipotent vampire who not surprisingly has a dark past. Oh and did I mention he is sinfully sexy.


I have already read the first three chapters of Blood Roses which Lindsay posted on her blog. They are so atmospheric you instantly feel that you are in Blackthorn with Leila. The barely veiled threat of violence is evident from the first line. The fatal attraction between Leila and Caleb is intriguing from their first encounter. I can’t wait to see what happens next….

I will be posting my review of ‘BLOOD ROSES’  as soon as I have read the rest  of this exciting book.

Join Team #BLACKTHORN step into the darkness.

Jane x

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Inspiration is an important part of every writer’s journey. So far my writing has often been inspired by a place or a building. ‘The Dragon Legacy’ is set in the English Lake District in the hills overlooking Lake Ullswater. Although the village name I used is fictional it is based on a lakeside village that I know there.

I have spent many happy hours on and around the lake and for me it is easy to imagine dragons flying over the hills a thousand or so years ago. If you would like to see what I mean check out my Pinterest board  for ‘The Dragon Legacy’ .

Since I moved into the old mining village of Pleasley about eighteen months ago I’ve had numerous ideas for historical novels featuring the pit. Coal was first mined here in 1872. The ground was broken for the mine by Florence Nightingale whose family lived on the site.

2013-04-25 11.07.44

This weekend I discovered the surrounding mills and houses in nearby Pleasley Vale.  More pictures are on my Inspirational Places Pinterest board. Even though the mills are  currently used to house small businesses it isn’t hard to imagine what they were like in the seventeenth century when they were the site of a water forge . Or in 1784 when the cotton-spinning mills were built. There were decimating fires in the nineteenth century and the mills were used to store munitions during the 1914-1918 war. The history is so rich here I’m sure it could inspire a whole series of stories.

I particularly like the turreted house which makes me think about a paranormal romance with Fae. Or the setting for a time travel romantic adventure.

2013-04-20 14.03.27

The small plant nursery that is housed within the walls of an old mill was particularly intriguing. What would happen if you fell asleep in the sunshine in such a delightful spot, only to wake up in the dirt and dust of the original mill centuries before?

2013-04-21 14.48.09

My favourite though was this derelict stone building. What a story it could tell. Everyone loves a building with a past.

2013-04-20 15.00.51

I would love to know where you find your inspiration.

Jane x

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The Sunshine Award

Last night I was catching up on blog posts from my favourite blogs  when I found that my lovely friend Lindsay J Pryor  had tagged me for The Sunshine Award.

The Sunshine Award is a lovely sunny flower that bloggers give to other “bloggers who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere”.

As with most other awards ‘The Sunshine Award’ comes with a few simple rules:

  1. Thank the person who gave you the award in your blog post
  2. Do the Q&A below.
  3. Pass on the award to 10-12 deserving  and inspiring bloggers,inform them and link to their blogs.

Firstly I would like to thank the wonderful author of exciting paranormal romance Lindsay J Pryor who tagged me for this award.

Now the Q&A:

Favourite Colour: All shades of green.

Favourite Animal: This is so difficult for me. I love all animals. Those of you who follow me on Twitter, Facebook, google+ and Pinterest will know that I am passionate about animal welfare.  If I had to make a decision, always difficult for me I would say My dog Jazz and my cat Tom.:-)

Favourite Number: 4 that was easy.

Favourite Non-alcoholic Drink: Strawberry and Banana smoothie.

Facebook or Twitter: I’m new to Facebook and I enjoy it but I will always love Twitter for its immediacy.

My Passion: I have lots; my family,animal welfare and of course my writing.

Giving or Getting Presents:  I love giving presents best. I like to watch people’s faces when they open them. 🙂

Favourite Day: Three so far; the birth of my children and my wedding day.

Favourite Flowers: I love flowers but my particular favourite is Freesia, so delicate but with a beautiful perfume.

Finally I would like to pass the award to the following fantastic bloggers:

Megan Jane

Susan Arden

Jackie Ashenden

Oliver Rhodes

Laurence O’Bryan

Liz Fielding

Minxes of Romance

The Hot Pink Typewriter

CC MacKenzie

Melinda Dozier

Stephanie Haefner

Krystal Shannan

Jane x

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Social Media

‘A social media presence is an integral part of succeeding as a writer‘.

Is this statement true? I don’t have the definitive answer. If I did, I could join the increasing number of people writing about ‘how to improve your social media success’.  These are simply my thoughts on the subject and how it has affected me as an aspiring author.

The popularity of the ‘e book’ has been phenomenal. This publishing revolution has fueled the concept that all writers need an active social media presence to become  successful. Many established authors believe social media to be important. If their presence on ‘Twitter‘,’Facebook‘ and the ever-present ‘blog’ is any indication.

So with this in mind as I struggled with the rewrites to my first book and finishing my second;  I decided to update my social media. I intended this to be a pleasant diversion not the overriding obsession it threatened to become.

‘Twitter’ was  my first dabble into the world of social media. When I decided to write again last year I started an account to  follow publishers and find out what was happening in the writing world. It has become ‘my guilty pleasure’. I have met so many interesting writers; reading and responding to tweets.  Many of whom I now consider friends.Writing is a solitary occupation, part of the attraction for me. but I do enjoy having spontaneous chats with like-minded people when I need a break from my imagination.

I had always shied away from  ‘Facebook’. My kids have ‘Facebook’ and they certainly didn’t want me  encroaching on their territory.  Last year I opened an account just for me, to connect with organisations of interest. A couple of weeks ago I decided to open up my account and find some of my ‘Twitter’ friends. I am so glad I did. Google+ followed and finally my current favourite ‘Pinterest.’ I was so absorbed that I nearly forgot  to write. So for me having a social media presence is no hardship. The downside is the time it takes to be current.

Writers need to be accessible to their readers. As a reader my favourite authors are those that connect with me and I am always happy to publicise their work.

A writer will only be successful if they write well. Social media contain important tools  to support the writer along their journey from links on the craft of writing to advertising the finished book.

I am really interested to know what you think? Please leave a comment below.

Jane x