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Three’s a Charm

I have always wanted a career as a writer.

At 19 I took a writing course and was all set to write my first book.

Reality intruded and I was off to university to study. Creative Writing or English you might suppose. Unfortunately not. I studied Social Administration for three years.

Graduating and newly married,my writing aspirations were shelved in favour of a job to pay the mortgage. My health service career was born, in a hospital medical records department.

My second chance to write didn’t present itself until my children were small. I  wrote two romantic novels,one regency historical and one contemporary. I submitted both to a national publisher but they were rejected.

Reality forced me back to the working world. I returned to the health service. Ironically it was poor health that forced a premature end to my health service career.

In 2012 after reaching 50 I decided that if I wanted to make it as a writer, this was my last chance.My third attempt to make a career in writing began.

I have completed one book ‘The Dragon Legacy’ and I am half way through my second.I’m really hoping that ‘Three’s a Charm’ for me.

I’ll let you know my progress in the posts that follow.